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The "Just" riddle

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 10:27 PM
(paranormal on a softer level)

Things Just happen all the time.

Many things that Just happen are not questioned or thought about.

A smile, a wink, knowing a person's thought before they speak.

Many things still happen that are not probed.

I figure when one probes and asks questions or expresses ones self they let something out. Like when you are mad and you talk about it you let that emotion out. Now I wonder if there are some Just things out there that some may have experienced but for above reason does not talk of them? Something on a much deeper level of feeling and emotion and ability. Something one feels so strong and would love to share but just can't.

Now just figure out what I am talking about.

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 11:44 AM
what are you talking about?
If you know/feel/understand something/someone and you talk/tell/explane to others and your self what is going on you will lose it? And same with the other side you keep it?
monks dont talk, well most people can tell you silence is good. Some even said its the best thing about me is my silence. But communication is a key to life, learn how to communicate and things will fall into place....kind of like something of the A.R.C. by that one guy.
If you stop talking you go into yourself(thought) which gives you a feeling and a understanding of were you are and what is around. So i think if you stop talking and begin to feel/produce that is true to you. people will not care if you talk or not because its being understood where you stand by the feeling you give to them. It just is, isnt aways just one thought .
If you are unable to talk or use your hands how can one communicate?
Talk or dont talk poeple will know you, time shows all!

Edit: Unless you have something about alot of people getting hurt. Speak up!!

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