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Will Power

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 09:59 PM
My below thoughts are based on the belief that if everyone in the world believed something would happen it would.

Which I guess can be will power or hidden truth.

Basis of creation? If it was the basis of creation we may have done it but than you must ask the question who made us. The problem with mysticism.

Now I have realized this for a long time but I also thought of the scientific problem it causes. If you have a life long study in diesese and feel like your in the know and you are researching the bird flu or the like could you actually create this non sense flu to become calmaty?

AIDS; They state it started in Africa a country with poor schooling etc. What if somebody said hey we are gonna do some population control or a test on belief and went to a small vilage and told the people they had this diesese that could not be cured. The village people got scared and fear of their life and well snow ball effect. The smart doctors thought well all these people are dieing from something really bad so they looked and probe. They had to have a scientific reason and thus Aids was created.

Next thought, they did a research on power of prayer and the people got worse. I didn't bother to read detail and percentages but I wondered what if the skeptics did this in their own belief of prayer being crap? So I would be saying the belief of a skeptic is stronger than one of faith. Another problem. Maybe my belief is strong enough to make change but is it my place?

So where does this leave us? Well I guess if you probed at my claims you could verify if I was telling truth or lies. However if you found everything I said to be true where does that leave you? The truth could save the world or end it eh?

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