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Ancient Mexican Pyramid Uncovered

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 06:57 AM
A group of archaeologist have discovered a 1,500 year old pyramid buried under a hill on the outskirts of Mexico City. They say it is built by the same people who built Teotihuacan.

Ancient pyramid found in Mexico

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient pyramid buried under a hill on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The pyramid is said to be 1,500 years old and was built by the same ancient people who constructed the Teotihuacan complex, known as the City of the Gods.

Parts of the structure have been badly damaged as the hill has been used for decades to stage re-enactments of the crucifixion of Christ during Holy Week.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Funny how pyramids keep appearing under hills. I live on a hill. Could I be living atop some ancient Malay pyramid?

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 06:28 PM
wow thats pretty amazing. I'm gonna go dig up some hills...

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 12:18 AM
were their any interesting glyphs in the pyramid?

I am still convinced there is a common link between all pyramid building civilizations.

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