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End Times skewed view

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 03:38 AM
Hey I just wrote something similar to this and I thought, at least in my mind it was kind of a funny take and thought provoking "fake" dialogue between Jesus and Satan regarding the End Times.

This Bible Mumbo Jumbo, about who is Satan and Who is Jesus has really got me thinking.

If it says Satan will try to get you to believe that he is Jesus or of God, What if Jesus is pretending to be Satan. Now that would be something, the great powers that be masquerading as their opposites to befuddle and confuse the sheeple.

I can see it now, Jesus says to Satan "I am the way and the light, but things are displeasing my father we are losing worshippers" Satan says "Yep I'm doing a good job aren't I" Jesus says "Don't give yourself that much credit, I was just a mortal man, and other mortal men wrote up a mythology around 300 years after my death" Satan Says "yeah I figured they'd eventually catch on" Jesus says, "Hey I got an Idea, this whole revelations thing let's switch it up a little, it already says the anti-christ will masquerade as me. Why I don't I masquerade as you, kind of a double fakeout" Satan Says " Oh... Well Hell only your truly kooky sheeple will get it, the antichrist is supposed to appear as Jesus first. If you pop up claiming you are Satan after I pop up claiming I'm Jesus that should be fun-times!" Jesus says " I'll bet you a hundred gold calves they never figure it out" Satan Says "Your on, but if they do I get GWB and make him my ottoman, my hoofs are killing me from all of this Earth walking corruption"

Thanx folks,


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