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Spanish inquisition, Anunaki Reptilians, Immortality, NWO, Etc.

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by jaguarmike

Originally posted by jaguarmike
The Annunaki created us using their own DNA, combined with that of primitive apes. This created the first homo sapian. Cro-magnon, and homo-erectus were basically the same creature... just one had more alien DNA (erectus) and the other had less (magnon). It is possible that the two species interbred, and this is why the Cro-magnon "disapeared" such as scientists have speculated in the past.

If you're a Homo Erectus, no wonder you look and feel alien. But surely, someone should have told you this, because you must be hairy (very hairy actually), 1.6m tall, no vocal cords and a 850cm³ brain size. And your species became extinct 300.000 years ago.
I bet quite a few scientists (real ones that is) would pay a whole lot of money to have the privilege to study you for just a few hours.
I'm sad to hear that Cro-Magnon disappeared because that's what I am. And I suspect my wife is one too.

Later on a man named Moses apeared on the scene. I'm assuming you immediately think of a man with a beard, a staff, and a primitive poncho. Our minds have been filled with garbage... in the Sumerian texts, Moses brought one sample of every animal on earth on the boat with him during the great flood supposadly started by the Annunaki high ruler.

Damn, we definitely don't get our books from the same store. Not that I am a great fan of the old testament, or of the bible for that matter, and I had never given a thought about the primitive poncho thing, but in my book, they said it was Noah !! I have been fooled, and I want a refund.

The problem with people so desperatley wanting to believe what they're fed, is that IMHO no one reads correctly, and very few use their common sense / critical mind.

This thread should really be stickied as a good example of just that.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by jaguarmike

According to Zecharia Sitchin the (bad god) Enlil won the war between Enki the (good god) and his son Marduk. Enlil became the god of the old testiment and, because he won the war he- like all victors made himself God both on planet earth and in the Bilble. Enlil also made Enki the serpent in the Garden (the devil). But, it was Enki who cared about his creation-mankind. Enki tried to improve mankind by giving him the ability to think and reason. There came a time when he knew he was naked in the garden. Fearing that Enki would one day give man immortality (Gene Manipulation). Enlil expelled mankind from any futher contact with his benefactor Enki (who we now think of as the devil). See what you can do when you win and, can write history.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by jaguarmike

ii have a hunch that the dead sea scroll containers contained more than scrolls. not all of the jars that were discovered contained scrolls. maybe they were some of the test tubes you described earlier in the text. the copper scrolls contained clues to a great treasure. that treasure to our knowledge has never been found. also you must check out a book called the cosmic code

posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 01:24 AM

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by jaguarmike

I just came here because I have been looking for answers.
In 2001 I was involved in a car crash, I lost my baby changed my life totally.
Suddenly I wanted to know where we came from, where we were going went when we were dead. I never believed in God, I didn't care before, but I needed to know where my son was etc etc.
Anyway, sometime after the crash I started to have dreams, names and words popped into my head, ones I never heard of.
I found myself looking up at the sky at night, I was always drawn to a particular set of stars. Anyway, then I got a computer, I chose a name for myself but I didn't know why The EriduSerpent~.
I then started to look up the names of places that were in my head...they were real and I'd never heard of them before.
Eridu, so then I found out about the star system Eridanius, spookily it was the stars I'd always been looking at.
Sometime after I started to have other dreams, I knew from then that I was not from this planet, well my soul wasn't. I know I am an ancient being, of reptilian origin. I have powers...I can heal animals and people.
I have been doing this since the accident and I can read people, it is as though I now dislike fellow humans.
I can tame animals which people have trouble with, they trust me etc...
I understand them and can translate their is as though I am more balanced towards animals than humans.
I have tried to look into all of this but so much crap is out there. I know that I am not insane, I feel it within my heart.
In my mind, The original Eridu was on another planet, it's orbit takes thousands of years to complete. There was a disaster, souls were strewn among the planets...etc etc.
I feel trapped here, I feel confused among the people...
I know that I do not belong here.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by jaguarmike

hey i just wanted to kno the name of that book, i learned alot l8ly zabout all the alien species and nibiru but find it difficult to find a significant source of info about the anunaki themselves and i would like to learn as much as i can, i already know plenty about the greys and thepleadians etc. but wish to kearn amap about the anunaki. also all the traits u described 4 aliens here i seem 2 share, ppl feel drawn 2 me and tend to trust me very easily. r there any more traits u may have left out. also ive been using bakwards remembering in order to remember past lives o find i was austin osman spare,myrddin ambrosius, tutenkhamen, and a mayan high priest, almst all of my lifes ive been a seeker of enlightenment or a prophet or either sum1 of importance orsum1 in poverty/lowerclass rough situations or getting burned 4 witchcraft, i must say i noticed that even tho ive managed to remember these lives the gaps inbetween r always blank and i cant remember what came inbetween, so ur article has answered me why, but what idont understand is ive often worked very hard(i definitely made alot of mistakes in some lives, who doesnt) i cant grasp why im still here, i thought maybe you could shed some light with ur extensive knowledge. i mean ive almost always been a spiritual peace keeper and i still am. also i had a theory based on the new testament that i hoped maybe u could clarify, maybe you kno, the rapture it talks about, i theorized that the annunaki had technology that could tune in on certain vibration levels(high postive) and then beam awaythose high vibration ppl that have worked hard to do whats right so they could be safe from the pole shift in order to be returned after it was all over and done with in order to try and help guide the world on a better path towards unsuperstitious balance and spirituality, this would explain the hopi prophecys of the rainbow warriors and the thousand years of peace, and the enemy i theorize would be the nwo who i bet cut a deal with the greys in order secure their survival after the poleshift. i thought with that book it might say something similar. well thnx 4 ur time.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:42 AM
im an annunaki halfbreed and i kno this due to my level of genius, my immune system,the way i see the wword and the way others see me, ppl feell very drawn to me and they often dont kno why they feel like they can trust me even if they havent known me long, i have noticed that sumtimes my friends cant recognize i ogten have to stop them in their tracks and make eye contact b4 they clue in. i also have the sharp facial features, and find that my tongue never stops moving unless i focus on keeping it from moving. ive spent alot of time over the last year focus on backwards rememberingto remember dreams and past lives, this article helped me 2 think, because ive been able 2 remember as far back as being a mayan high priest, yet no matter how many lives i can remember, the time between lives always remained blank, it was asif their was nothing between lives and this answered why, so i decided to try and look back farther than earth and found i was an anunaki, when the sumerian tablets describe the war in heaven, i found it happened because after the annunaki no longer needed humans as slaves they tried to appoint some of themselves as guardians and watchers over the human race to try and help them so they didnt kill eachother b4 they could grow to their true potential. the annunaki decided to look at humans as their children instead of their slaves, however many annunaki didnt like the idea of serving the human race, i was one of these ppl, in fact in was a bit of a leader to these fallen, kind of like a hitler, which is why i was put here the way i was and why my lives have always shared similar things, im no longer the person i was then and its because of my time on earth, and now i have a good cause to fight 4, as a matter of fact i think im nearing the end of my sentance due to my outlook on things. this article helped me piece together more of my puzzle so i just wanted to say thanks 4 making the info available and share what i learned thru bakwards remember hoping it might help sum1 else.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by jaguarmike

Well with all the information i have been gathering for the past ten years the most intresting is about increasing ones life span using gold[amoore].I need more information on that please!

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 07:57 PM

First it is not Moses but Noah , then you contredict yourself all the time.
Sorry but your reasoning doesn't seem clear at all.
Are you an annunaki then? How can you go back so far in human history to be sure of that?? May be you got aswell a timemachine??
How can you be so sure of things that you just read in a book to be true??

Buddah never was a god, but the first one to get illumination.
And finally you sound a bit selective saying that there is human races.
We had a second world war because of that, and i know what i am talking about been from western europe. Some people said that they were superior. Are you superior been half extra terrestrial? Can you think quicker and better than anyone else?? What is the difference between you and us? Your IQ maybe? mixing up everything and still thinking you are more clever? taking everything from a sci fi book...

Luckily every one can think what he wants and that's what is good as long as they leave other ones thinking freely.

Thanks again for this amusing pseudo archeo-historic explaination of the annunaki theory; mixing sitchin's interpretation of cuneiform sumerian tablets passing by the buddism, religion, and scientology.
I least i will remember you for a while and this is what makes you different.
May be you should write books??


posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 10:20 AM
Hi, I am very new in this forum

I have became more and more curious about Anunaki, especially after I watched the Stargate movie (Starring: Kurt Russel). Some time ago when i tried to check out about "Area 51" on the net there was lots of other hints, and one of them that really payed my attention was "Anunaki".
If it really was the Anunakies who created the humans on Earth, then there must be something else who created the Anunaki, and someone else who created those who created the Anunaki, and so on. Also interesting to read about that the Anunaki who lives on the planet Nibiru is about 3 meters tall, and can be about 4000 years old before they die. Some other persons on the net also say that the Anunaki will invade the Earth in the year 2012. Come on! Where do they get these informations from???
It could also be interesting to know where the Authors get their informations from about Anunaki.
Anyway, Anunaki has really payed my attention!

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 11:16 AM

posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

anunaki are coming back soon for their blood line 2012

cant wait to go home to the 4th demention

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Hi all i new to the forum and even the existence of the Anunnaki and im completely hooked and want to learn as much as possible.
But i have a question. If the Anunnaki came from another planet they must of travelled faster than light using technology that bend or manipulate the rules of physics that we most probably havent even dreamed of, and on top of that they were capable of that at least 6,000 years ago
. so they are capable of all that and most probablly are capable of making intelligent robots (of some description) that could wprk harder, longer and use less resources than manipulating the local wildlife into semi-intelligent (in comparison) beings that fatigue and compltely stop to sleep every 16-18 hours?
Wat if we were made for war?
Think the one thing we are better at is starting wars or any conflic for that matter, wether it be over religion, land, money or jealosy. And every time we have a fairly large war we make huge social, technoligical and mediacal leaps. I.E. The fist world war brought the uk the NHS (National Health Service) which up intill then the lower class just simply died, tought # i guess. And the second lead to the jet engine which is what allows us to go on our holidays, and to bomb 7 types of wednesday out of each other.
And imagine at the moment were 6 billion strong but were divided by race, nationality and religious beliefs (or the lack of) and look what were capable of at the moment so wat would happen if we all banded together under one banner, Earth! No wonder the Anunnaki tried to destroy us, and then divide us up into to smaller more managable groups. They could have intended us to be the scourge of the univers

P.S Undo the picture of tiamat as a dragon is that how the sumerians drew it as it looks exactly like the red dragon of the welsh flag (just with four legs) which i was taught in school to represent the people between the land and sky.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 12:58 AM
i am in indian living in greece for the last 6 years. i have always felt out of place whenever something was interesting for other people so i started searching for answers. i have done things like yoga and breathing exercises, meditation, etc.. anyway the point is, none of these things brought me the feeling of gaining any knowledge. they just confuse you into creating their reality. sir, i am now in india and have been reading and watching books and documentaries by you and david icke. i think now for the first time something makes sense to me. my request to you is to give me information about related things in india. i have already started my research into things such as nagas and what the people of india have to say about them, including my mother. i would like to get deeper into the knowledge because right now i am absolutely confused about things and i know knowledge is the way out. thanking you, sir, for the invaluable knowledge you have opened me up to, and countless others, i am sure.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 04:37 AM
Hmmm ok what about the beings from other demission’s - I think they inter-mixed with all of us too & no one ever talks much about the lion people race from that one planet in that other galaxy - I like them they are usually very cool!

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 01:35 AM
It's all about point of view really though. We all enjoy a yarn. Some of us even take it to the next step and make a religion out of it. Watch me go:

"Your all wrong the true and only explanation is that i am the one the prophets speak. If I kill myself, I will still have to be something else. So I take on a form. One of importance. How about Jesus. Well the name is dated. Too old. Jesus, the character is based upon an earlier myth, the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Early christian symbols are all based upon this. Even the constellations have the light and the dark, as Draco faces Argo Navies, the Argonauts' ship in the sky. This association is well documented. Christian myth and Religion hotbed.

Yahweh, Julius Caesar; Jesus Christ; Hari krishna; Hess The H, I and J names etc.

Look at the early Christian emperors; they were opposed by the Gauls, had Muslims in there country and visa versa, Things were not right in Europe in a religious or political sense since the dawn of it.

See how I can keep going. The myths are all there. Your whatever cloned character was interesting before or a re-do of some long-forgotten.
Fish, Bird, etc, all this like a giant infite Pokemon matrix.

Doesn't even matter really as the only thing we truly agree on is Competition, the evil brother of the true force of the Universe, compassion. I blame the U.S.A., just because I can and also to prove a point: I'm from Canada, a country known for Cannabis and we even have a pot leaf on our flag. Remember the Upper and Lower kingdoms of Egypt. Canada and the USA baby. I digress though, as I was USA bashing, as it seems only we Canadians can really get away with it. Why does the world bash the USA? Well it stems from the fact that your the only people as a whole that can do anything that requires compassion for everyone. Also, your the only country as a whole that can. Canada is like the skinny brainy kid. USA is still the Action superstar and can over come all intolerance. The only weakness to the US is that it lacks it's true leader: Jesus. Once he comes back we can all rest easy. We may have to bring him back though, through the same process that brings back Batman every couple of years: Re-invention of the same old story.

That is politics, religion and spirituality from my point of view
Thanks for reading,

Jason from Canada

Not a Communist: A socialist with the spiritual soul of a poet, but the heart of a clown that always blows it at the worst time.

PS: Mormons, although much too fundamentalist, have some great ideas about an American Jesus. The people are very nice too. Wouldn't it be great to have open discussions about just the Christian offshoots. We could meet and hear all kinds of points of views, as well as weed out the crazy people that ruin the good parts. The Govt's don't want us congregating this way. We might find too many similarities.

Anyway, gonna go smoke more Pot, assembly my empire and dig in for Armageddon. Thank God I live in Canada

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by jaguarmike

I am also interested in these theories, what i wonder is where do you get the info from? for if you read it, it is someone elses understanding and theories....? how do you know its correct? there are alot of things that makes sense, because of the fact that we have limited abilities, thus all the different conclusions at different stages in our how do you know you understand this correctly?

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by The_Time_is_now

The book this informations is in is Rule By Secrecy By Jim Marrs, The information highlighted on here is towards the end of the book as was stated. I've been researching this kind of stuff for a while now, anyone here and ofcourse the composer of this blog is more than welcome to contact me or at my myspace


posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by jaguarmike

I have had many dreams that have lead my reasearch as to why I was having such dreams, to this very subject. I could tell you how amazed
I was at such a revelation in finding out why I was having dreams. But
I must say, there was never anything that pointed to the Ancient Sumerian
Cuniform Texts being burned. To my understanding, that was the Roman
Catholic to the Mayas. As in reply to what you mentioned here:

The Sumerian's documented thousands upon thousands of historical accounts blended with oral-traditons, and during the Spanish Inquisition most of the texts were burned to keep our Catholic ideals alive and flurishing... damn ancestors.

Now you have pointed out things I knew WAY before obtaining knowledge
of this some many years ago. You know the saying, "I cannot explain
how I know. I just know!" Well, that was me then, and still to this day.

However I must point out some errors in your article (although well done
it may be). The Anunaki did not destroy the people of Babel/Babylon.
In fact, they did confuse the human by way of language gap. Although
a lot of parts of the Bible are false, other parts are true. Just contradictive
therefore, confusing to it's readers, simply because man (or those
appointed by the "higher beings" or, "Gods") caused the unsuspecting
mankind here, to believe there was some other "one deity" that wrote
all of what was within it. So, they used (stole) various information and
documentation from various other cultures (tribes/people), and took
away and added to it all. Finally condensing it all into the one book
they knew would be used as fear tactic, and to blind the mere human
enough to believe it in it's entirity.

Now, why would they cause such confusion to the human? Well, heh, like
you said (and we know) so the construction and success that could
occur would cease altogether. They feared the Human was gaining a little
too much independent will there as well. And they did not want them (us)
to find out there hidden truth. That they were in fact NOT gods. They
are simply a control freak race of people, who've been using the
evolved us as guinea pigs from the get.

They allowed mankind (for a time) to have dominion on this planet
with the temporary use of free will, until they'd return to see just
how sufficient and beneficial we've become. Well, look at us. And think
about this! What a perfect and clever tactic, than to use a process of
illimination before their final return (The Return). After all, I know
they could never stand up to our evergrowing population as it is right
now. So they have to use a tactic to make sure our numbers decrease
significantly. And also used as a "smoke screen", so to speak. To cover
up their entrance to the surface of OUR planet.

Back to the engineering, or should I say "genetic engineering" of our
species. I do NOT believe for a minute they look like reptiles. They
look much similar to us, save for their height, technologies, and skin
color/texture (sometimes), and various forms. Allow me to explain.
As we have various differrent unique cultures here on OUR planet.
They do as well.

It was said that scientist have found our DNA to carry such traits of
other DNA in the strands like, Primate, Bird, Jackal, and Reptilian. I hope
I am not missing one there. But how did these traits enter human
genetic DNA makeup? Think of the Heiroglyphs of the Sumer and Egyptians. Scientist have said our DNA traits carry some of bird, primate, jackal, and reptilian. Something to think about.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 05:19 PM
Hello Anu10. Please allow me to respond in quote.

Originally posted by Anunaki10
If it really was the Anunakies who created the humans on Earth, then there must be something else who created the Anunaki, and someone else who created those who created the Anunaki, and so on.

This is a natural human response, regarding the conditioned
mind of a human in society. We have been programmed to
always logically believe that something must have created
something and so on. We have equally been programmed
to believe there is no way for a creator (or whatever) to just be.
What if there really is no creator for anyone? What if we just
were, and there were many other cultures in other worlds who
did the same?

But I truly have to tell you something. I do not believe that. Additionally
I ask you, "Do you believe that?" What do you feel deep down inside you?
There is something more, something bigger and better, right? That
is what we always keep with us. The longing for home. A place that
has never been here in these shells we call bodies. We are what is
trapped in them. And there is something more. I have felt it closer
as the days go by. And I want others to feel and know it as well.

Also interesting to read about that the Anunaki who lives on the planet Nibiru is about 3 meters tall, and can be about 4000 years old before they die. Some other persons on the net also say that the Anunaki will invade the
That is funny. How small they'd seem. We could just stomp
them to the ground! Someone must of been watching too much MIB 1,
lol. (

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