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What might be the real truth?

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:01 PM
Where can we find the real truth?

The real Question is: Can anyone with such heart really kill thousands of innocent people? and what might be the reason behind all these histories that we might not know know of. What would be the real problem that Hitler was murdering , did people not know? Maybe he was one sick man who needed treatement. How would more than 10,000 people support a man who stood against humanity? And the question is still asked: Can it be true? That such men ever existed?? If the actions weren't involved with racial features then what might be the ending that stood their without a meaning???

Can it be true??

Was it like what the world is doing today? Forming hatred in human hearts to find a land in a land that isn't theirs and kick people out simply because they think they have more power to do so? If they were Europeans?Americans?ARABS? Indians? Where the hell are the real answers? If not in History then where?

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