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A thought of mine

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:03 PM
I'm kinda new to this thread but I read something interesting the other day.
Apparantly (I don't know when exactly) a human skull was found in Olduvai Gorge in Africa. It was dated as being 15,000,000 years old but we're only about 100,000.
There was also the skull of a neanderthal man found with a bullet wound through his head.

My question then is how is either theory possible? If we were spontaneously created by a divine being why little evidence for this? Where also is the evidence for evolution? All that chronicles is the appearance or disappearance of species, not the creation of the entire bestiary of terran life.

(I'm not sure if this should go in this thread but anyway)

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:16 PM

Where also is the evidence for evolution?

The better question is. Where is the evidence for creation?

Check out some science new's site's for evolution. There's a thread floating around with a new transitionary fossil found linking early fish to early land dwellers.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:36 PM
Louis Leakey was the paleoanthropologist in charge of the Olduvai dig. Lucy )partial skull) was never considered to 15 million years old nor is any other pre human remains (fossils). Lucy, named by Leakey, is accepted as a fossil of Australopithecus afrensis ( sp I can't remember) but you can look this up really easily should you really be interested.
The jury is still out on this but there are about six or seven different species of Australopithecus, so far. Since fossils are difficult to find owing to the ravages of time those which have been preserved were almost always in a geophysical environment conducive to their presrvation.
All of this species of our ancestors lived between 4 and 1 million years ago.
Every year or so new finds are discovered. This is a very exciting field requiring really well informed datective work; talk about your Kojak.
sayswho (skep by any other name)

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:51 PM
wasn't the olduvai skull a hoax?

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:19 PM
I don't know I only found out about it a few days ago. What about the Neanderthal? Shot by another tribe of cavemen?

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