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Do You Think Your Child Would Have You Busted?

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 03:10 PM
This happened to my best friends at the time in about 1994 when the child was about 10 years old.
They had moved to the country, for school reasons, and felt their two girls would be safer there.It was about 60 miles away so we lost touch, when one night, she called and said she and her husband were in jail and they need to make bond, as their younger girl has told the teacher that they were growing reefer and she was allergic to it, and wanted her parents to quit growing it on their land.
Anyway, the Mom had a good job with the state and her husband is a professional upholsterer.
She immediately was out on leave and his hours were cut.
This eventually cost her her job of 15 years and really almost broke up the entire family.
When I asked her why she did not tell me or them BEFORE she did this to her parents. She looked at me sternly and told me she did not care as her life was all that was important, and her smoke allergy was more important than ANYTHING.
I had warned her Mom to watch out for her actions not long after she was born, but she ignored me.
Has anyone else been through this or know of anyone who has?

PS:This was for personal use and not to sell.

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