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ralph klein should retire sooner heres why...

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 04:22 AM
who agrees that ralph has caused enough trouble and should be sent packing much sooner?

does anyone at all think he should stay and why, exactly?

i feel ralphs list of cons cancel out his list of pros, lets take a look...

January 1982
Klein creates a national brouhaha when he blames "eastern creeps and bums" for Calgary's rising crime and welfare rates.

December 1990
Klein, then environment minister, shows his middle finger to a protester at a news conference. (genius)

December 1992
Klein wins the PC leadership race after a fiercely contested battle. He is sworn in as Alberta's 12th premier nine days later. (personally, dont like him)


The Klein government makes deep cuts to health care. Per capita spending, adjusted for inflation, drops to $1,325 in 1993 and plummets to $1,156 in 1995 — an 18 per cent cut. Acute care spending is cut by 30 per cent. In three years Alberta went from Canada’s second highest level of spending per person on health care to the country’s second lowest.
The results rock the health care system. Half the hospital beds in Calgary and Edmonton close, creating longer waiting lists and crowded emergency rooms. There are now only about 1.75 hospital beds per 1000 people in Edmonton and Calgary — down from 4.7 per thousand in 1993. Calgary and Edmonton lose 4,400 health care workers; the province has 8,300 fewer registered nurses. Health care services such as labs and laundry are contracted out and privatized. (dont tell me you support someone who does this to your province)

1997 -1998

The CRHA closes and then blows up the Calgary General Hospital (Bow Valley Centre). Steward and Taft write that “the dust and grit from the implosion of thousands of tones of bricks and mortar could be seen all over the city.” Klein’s orchestrated chaos is building to a crescendo.
In a fire sale of epic proportions, Holy Cross is sold to Enterprise Universal Inc. for $4.5 million after undergoing more than $35 million in renovations
Bill 37, Klein’s first attempt to legalize private hospitals, is withdrawn after widespread public protest. (ralph's to dam cheap to put money in for renovations so instead he blows it)


In March, Klein introduces Bill 11, legislation allowing private, for-profit hospitals. The bill passes in May in the face of unprecedented opposition.
(not listening to the people)

December 2001
The day after an impromptu visit to a homeless shelter, Klein promises to "control and curb" his 30-year battle with alcohol. (promises are made to be broken)

March 2006
Klein is roundly criticized after angrily hurling an opposition-party policy booklet at a 17-year-old female legislature page. He later apologizes for his outburst. (thats called harrasment, ralph)

ok i think i got all the cons, let me dig for a while to locate the pros......

In a surprise victory, Klein is elected mayor of Calgary. He goes on to be re-elected in 1983 and 1986. (a sad day)

February 1995
Klein delivers a balanced budget, two years before his own target. (type a few words and hit print not hard)

Klein also decreased albertas debt alot, i highly doubt we are debt free, even if we are, look at all the cons... do you really want a overweight drunk loonatic blowing up hospitals and throwing books at your kids in a place of power like ralph???? i do not.

do you support ralph or dont you and why? that is the question.

[edit on 5-4-2006 by worksoftplayhard]

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