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Behavioral Problems? Rip those tonsils out!

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 03:12 AM

Study Determines Cause Of Misbehaving: Children Who Have Tonsils Removed Could Be Cured

If a child is misbehaving, a new study suggests that removing his or her tonsils could help.

Researchers believe that enlarged tonsils can cause sleeping problems, which in turn can cause behavior problems, Local 4 reported.


The study found that half of the children who suffered from hyperactivity and ADHD and had their tonsils removed no longer had the condition a year later.

OK.... Maybe.... BUT, I viscerally want to use the word "QUACKERY" here...


bsl4doc & FredT, where are you?

[edit on 5-4-2006 by loam]

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 03:56 AM

Hmm they may be onto something, but not adhd the actual psychological condition.

It is completely true that a child who does not sleep well is exceptionally bratty.

Also have you ever pulled an all nighter or had just the bare miniumum or less of the sleep you required. It plays havoc with your focus and memory for the entire day.

I have sleep apnea (undiagnosed) but you should hear me snore! Its sounds like I am struggle for breath, my gf recorded me on her cell phone because I didn't believe how badly I sounded.

I also have ADD (diagnosed) the adult version of ADHD, now I'm not positive that tonsil removal would help me at this point to unlearn my unfocused, and forgetfull ways. However if I had, had my tonsils removed at an earlier age perhaps I would have learned better study and focus habits, due to I'm no longer tired and cranky from interrupted sleep and sleep apnea.

My neurons are now pretty hard-wired into the way they operate, so I'm a little let down they just figured this out now. Ohh if only I had a time machine...



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