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When Freinds + Your cds = Your cd's scratched

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 07:26 PM
So here is the case, I got this stupidass boomblaster that doesnt have the regular red and white right left audio jack inlets and lets just say Afghanistan doesn't have that broad selection of audio cables, which means I can't get hold of anything to connect it to the iPod since I am not in posession of anything but that specific minijack to red/white cable. Therefore, I have to burn my beloved music to CDs and thank god it supports mp3 so at least I don't have to make hundreds of them. Now, this one day at base camp (actually, heh) a couple of my colleauges required the presence of my sound device because they were gonna exercise to music or whatever, and when I got it back they had not only replaced the cd that was in it with some trance crap, he had ALSO left my cd in the sand! All scratched up! What the fark!
I, of course, hadn't taken not of this untill my favorite song of the moment, Great Hall Awaits a Fallen Brother by the late Bathory (RIP bro ), halfway into eargazm started skipping back and forth like a DJ who's pants spontaneously engulfed themselves in flames most likely due to his lack of skillz. I trust these people with my life! I guess this wouldn't happen if it was an original cd, but because it was burned doesn't give them the right to treat it like something you drop on the ground because it isn't expensive. Well, apparently it does!
They owe me 1 buck.

[edit on 4-4-2006 by Panzeroth]

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