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Why don't you believe the official story?

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 07:10 PM
This is a question to those of you who don't accept the official story on 9/11. Why?

I would like you to post your reasons for doubting the official story. Be honest, now; even if you doubt it because you hate the govt or because 9/11 was actually part of an alien plot to take over, post your reasons. I'll go ahead and set it off...

I doubt it for a number of reasons. The crappy investigation into 9/11, WTC 7 and all that pertains to it, the various "smoking guns," and the fact that criminal elements in our govt have carried out terror attacks in the past and have planned to carry out terror attacks in the past are among these reasons.

To go deeper, I think this is a part of the plan of the globalists to create a New World Order. Anyone reading this and laughing, just know I am laughing at you; there have been too many people calling for a NWO for it to be fake. Alas, I digress, as this is quite the rabbit hole...

Back on point, I also have a gut feeling that something stinks about 9/11. I think this has to do with what is currently going on in the US. Surveillance is getting out of control, the cops are getting militarized, the borders are gradually being erased, and civil liberties...what civil liberties?

In summary, I doubt the official story because of the crooked govt, the shoddy investigation into 9/11, the anomalies and smoking guns, and the severe crackdown on civil liberties in this country. Oh yeah, and my gut and my brain.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 08:01 PM
I doubt the official version of events because it has fundamental scientific flaws in it. The 10.000 page report by NIST is comprehensive, FEMA's report is lacking and the 9/11 commission is a combination of the two.

The reports are flawed, in my opinion because of incompetence and lack of solid investigation.

The reports have left themselves open to question, and given the massive funds that was put into them (I believe some $ 15 million in to NIST alone, without checking, but I could be wrong)

These reports should have lain to rest any question regarding 9/11.they are open to question and allows doubt to cloud their findings.

Incompetence is far removed from conspiracy, which I don't believe these reports were compiled to cover up.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:10 PM
For me, mostly it's physical evidence.

Those two buildings in Madrid burned for 2 days and didn't collapse.

WTC 7 is a big one.

And, knowing what I know about world events, I find the "official" story's credibility sorely lacking.

Plus Bush is a cult member.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:18 PM
WTC #7!!!!!!!
WTC #7!!!!!!!
WTC #7!!!!!!!!

I believed what the goverment put out as a story when 9/11 happened. I also voted for Bush back in 2000. But it was prolly when the story of WTC 7 got some light. I remember watching building 7 come down that afternoon while i was watching live. I remember thinking holy sh*t, a 3rd building coming down. The news media was basically saying the same. Then after i heard Larry Siversteen say that it was brought down by controlled demolition, i first assumed it was only for insurance money. Then i thought about it & read up on some things, & realized if they were gonna make that building fall down as perfect as they did, it had to be planned. Then i found about how much planning they would have needed. Then I realized it wasnt a spur of the moment decision that Larry Silversteen made it out to be & that they made the decision & the building was brought down 20 minutes later. Reports say the building was evacuated at 9am due to fires. Well how did the fires start if no planes hit it. Also 9am is well b4 the 2 other WTC's came down. Even if the decision to bring down the building came an hour into the fires, then they would have about 7 hours to plan to destroy that building. Now at that time NYC needed as much available hands for help as it could get in the rescue effort. Why would any top official pull firefighters off rescue efforts to plan for a building demolition.? They wouldnt, so it was planned well b4 9/11.

EDIT to add something.

Also i wanna add that WTC #7 is they key to expose the rest of the story. Any jury of peers would be able to convict some on this thoery of WTC 7. Thats prolly why the govt has totally shut up on WTC 7 & wants people to forget. Also i dont think the govt has anywhere to go on it. They are totally screwed when it comes to WTC 7. Then you convict those involved of WTC 7. Its a gimme on convicting them for WTC 1 & 2 & also the Pentagon. Basically like if if theres a murder scene & 3 people were murdered at the same time. The person isnt gonna get convicted of 1 murder. Even if they confess to one & dispute the other 2. They are going down for all 3, since its obvious.

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:43 PM
The blatant news-mangement, ridiculous emotive documentaries and the fact that it justified the attack on Iraq which is clearly what the US/Bush wanted all along

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:51 PM
Here's a possible reason why some don't believe the official story:

Why believe the logical and simple, when the far-fetched is much more interesting.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:56 PM

Why believe the logical and simple, when the far-fetched is much more interesting.

I like this so much I have added it to my signature.

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 10:59 PM
Glad you like charge

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 11:02 PM
lol.Rightwing nutjob the official story is the farfetched fairy tale. Not the otherway around.

T...he speed at which Demolition Co. disposed of the WTC debris without testing it for bombs planted before the plane attacks. And they did the Oklahoma city bombing and carted away the unexploded ordance that the OKC police had found in the office which obviously indicated FBI involvement since McVeigh was only the pasty with the Ryder truck.

It's alot more then that but it started as a general feeling that something wasn't quite right. But then it went from one piece of the puzzle to many others. 7/19 hijackers going to interpol showing they were still alive, the falling of the towers in an exact style as a controlled demolition...really too many things to list that really got me thinking that there was something else going on.

During the Bush/Gore election I had a feeling something wasn't quite right but at the time I didn't know about any of the secret societies stuff.

when Kerry conceded even before the election was over I had definately made up my mind that something more was going on then we were seeing on television.

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 11:25 PM
Operation Northwoods

The similarities are obvious.

Removal of the structural steel before it could be thoroughly examined.

Wtc 7

Convenient insurance on wtc policies before 911.

obvious controlled demolition

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 11:33 PM
Here are some good links on why I don't believe the official 911 story:
This is way too coincidental to ignore.
Here's another good link.
The occultic number use is pretty revealing as well. What were the chances that 11 would show up so frequently?

Plus Bush does admit to being a cult member, Skull and Bones.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 01:11 AM

Originally posted by Rightwingpatriot
Here's a possible reason why some don't believe the official story:

Why believe the logical and simple, when the far-fetched is much more interesting.

With all due respect, right winger.

I asked what YOU think, not your speculation on what other people think.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 02:38 AM
Good Morning Truth Seeker; here are my main reasons:

Firstly, Operation Northwoods set the precedent for this type of operation on US soil

Three steel structured buildings collapsing in their own footprint from impact and fire for the first time in history - all on the same day

Destruction of crime scene at Ground Zero

Lack of thorough investigation

I do not trust the Bush Dictatorship (always remember, he wasn't actually elected president as the vote was rigged)

The more you look, the more fine detail of the ‘how, why and where’ is missing - for example some of the hijackers are still alive, there is no CCTV of them boarding the plane, there is no footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon and so on

If the official story is true where is the evidence that the named Saudi men did it? There is no images of them, no flight list manifestos with their name and no explanation on how they managed to take control of the planes and fly them, performing manoeuvres that would require military precision?

Took over 400 days before Bush announced someone to head the commission to investigate 911 – why the delay Mr President?

However, the kickers for me are WC7 being demolished on purpose (admitted by the building's owner) and NORAD's lack of response to the multiple 'hijackings'

I believe that 911 was the new 'Pearl Harbour' or 'Reichstag' event and history will come to show this

I also think that 'they' have gone too far this time - too many people who are not normally 'conspiracy minded' know there is something very very wrong with the official story

What we need is one brave mainstream newspaper to publish this story in its full and hound and push for answers until the masses are like WTF? What has happened here? Unfortunately, this will prove to be extremely difficult when the mass media is already under ‘their’ control

Hopefully some of he truth will come out – but only when it is too late

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 03:18 AM
*They produced magical passports (magical as in, fly trough a fireball that "brought "down the WTC towers) ony a few days after the atacks

*The money trail ( the put options )

*the Bin Laden - Bush family ties

*WTC7 collapse

* the 1 in a million chance coincidence of drills (drill involving flying planes into teh WTC...) beeing conducted at the same time as the real attacks.

* the inconsistent damage at the Pentagon, and the missing footage from all the security cams around the pentagon, of which we got 5 useless frames on which you can't see anything

*The PNAC papers

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 05:03 AM
UUUmmmm....reasons why I don't believe the "Official" 9/11 story?

Well, we could be here all day while I write this out.

First and foremost, is "terrorism" the definition is too vague and broad ranged of a covers anything from Ali Ba Ba with a bomb in his backpack to a computer hacker, to someone like Me writing this post here.

Basically, the US Government and other Governments in collusion with them, can label anyone they deem trouble for any reason, as a "terrorist".

Privacy, is the last refuge of Revolution. If we can't have privacy, we can't have a revolution against a Tyrannical Government, like it was written in the US Constitution. We...the people...have the right to rise up and overthrow a Government who's become too powerful or tyrannical.

Their ultimate goal is stealing all your rights to privacy and to have you begging them to do it. Remember...right after 9/11...all the polls of "Would you give away some of your rights and freedoms to protect democracy?"

Most of the people polled said yes, and I would've said no.

Go and read the US Consitution if you don't believe Me. The National Archives would be a good place to start. Here's the link :

U.S. Constitution

Let's see...there's also SEAL Team 6...which is supposed to be non-existant...and is always...and I mean always, made up of Foreign National Americans. Iraqi-Americans, Saudi-Americans, name it. SEAL Team 6 is the Anti-Terrorism Unit. They practice taking out terrorists, and to do this...they actually have to stage "terrorist actions" and move against each other in "Combat Manuevers".

Don't get Me wrong...I love the SEAL's. One of the best Elite Units the US has, but that one SEAL Team and other Special Forces are anti-terrorist units. They use the practice of "Combat Manuevers" to hide the fact that they're blowing stuff up. Delta Force, Germany's GSG-9 (remember it's more than the US behind all this)and others are included in that.

Then there's the fact that they found the terrorists names so quickly after 9/11 happened. I mean come on, our Intelligence Agencies are good, but not good enough to have all the names of the terrorists names collected and sorted in one or two days.

Once Russia fell, I knew this was the next logical step. Why...? You might ask.

Because, for the Military Industrial Complex, to survive...this would be the manufacturers of Military vehicles, supplies, the Military Brass at the Pentagon, and any and all people connected to the military or supplying, or making money off them...they have to have an adversary to fight. This is called the "Straw Adversary Concept" You can go here to see the definition :

Straw Man - Straw Adversary

or even here :

Info Wars - Straw Adversary

The Government has to have a big bad guy to wave in our scare you into submission...a scared public is easier to control than a rational thinking public, since Russia went Bankrupt from our CIA initiating us outspending them in the Cold War. That was the CIA's master plan, to outspend Russia, and make them fall flat on their faces.

This is also the way for them to ensure that we "need" to have the Military...that we have a "need" for the Military Budget. If we don't have a "War" to fight...what reason would we need to allot millions of Tax Payer's dollars. This is the way Washington works folks. If there's no
"need for something"...then the Budget for it gets cut.

It's like a Global game of Chess. The Illuminati, Freemasons, Masons, Bilderbergers, name it...they control all of this.

Then, there's the actual investigation...what bunk that was. When they investigate things on Capitol Hill, is when they use that as a "Smoke Screen" to cover up the truth...just like the Warren Commision did for JFK's assassination.

Go here to read about the usual military uses, and see "Tactics" :

Smoke Screens

It's like using "Smoke and Mirrors" like a magician might to cover the clever secrets of his/her magic tricks.

Go here to read the Wikipedia definition :

Smoke and Mirrors

Let us also not forget, guided bombs and guided planes have been around since WWII. Something that's been possible for more than 50 years now. Guiding a plane at a building or other structure is not a new thought,...think Kamikaze Attacks during WWII :

Go here to read about the possiblity of Radio Guided Planes :

Radio Guided Planes - 9/11 Strike

There's also the fact, that any and all Government Officials use "Double Speak"...the term for saying something that you're not really saying.

I'll thank Wikipedia for the definition again here :

Double Speak

Thank you Wikipdeia

Let us also not forget patriotism...yes I said patriotism. All the US Government has to do, is wave an American Flag, and the vast majority of ignorant populace follows like Lemmings off a cliff without thinking. Because...if you're not a "Patriot" then you must be wrong.

You can go here for the definition of patriotism, and just remember...there's a difference between "Patriotism" and "Blind Stupidity" :


This would be the definition to Me of "Blind Stupidity" since I couldn't find it on Wikipedia :

Individual stupidity vs collective stupidity

Social psychology has shown that perfectly sensible people can, collectively, act quite foolishly because of blind obedience, mimetism or herding. In Psychology, this is known as deindividuation in crowds, and can lead to behaviours usually not displayed outside the specific social situation. The behaviours occur because individuals will conform to perceived social norms in order to 'fit in'.

This is just a little tease, as to why I don't believe the "Official" story of 9/11.

Lions...and Tigers...and "Terrorists" Oh My...

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posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 05:25 AM
A few things

Reluctance of the current administration to release any info

Destruction of all eveidence from ground zero

Confiscation and non-release of tapes from Pentagon

Quirky things like people and buildings getting pulverized yet ID cards and passports found completely intact conveniently

Allowing members of the Bin-Laden family and others to flee the country while we were on a lockdown

People that were at ground zero mysteriously becoming sick

9-11 commission not seeming effective enough

a few other things

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:22 AM
I believe the official story. Bush said he is a Christian and therefore is an honest man. He cares for us too much to lie to us.

If the government said it, it must be true. I mean, we pay their salaries and they work for us. The person who pays me for my work expects integrity and honesty, so the same must be true for our government.

There is no reason to lie. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to protect ourselves from their WMD's.

We are safer now with the patriot act, wire taps and searches.

We should give up all of our freedoms and privacy so we can be safer. Heck, we should all get our own government official to follow us around everywhere we go just in case we are a terrorist and don't know it.

Don't doubt your leaders - they work FOR you.


For me, it is also WTC7 that got me thinking about the many other flaws in the 911 story.

Another one will happen soon as a pretext for Iran.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:52 AM
one thing that makes the story as it is make sense is the scale of the event.. if a huge building like that inthe middle of a city collapses, hundreds if not thousands of people caught in the debris.. would you care about leaving a "crime scene" intact or would you care about getting everybody out from underneath it as fast as possible..

And a big disaster leaves a lot of paperwork... the bigger the paperwork, the bigger the holes.. and with thousands of people looking for those holes, a lot of questions will be raised.. but do that to any other mass of evidence of a disaster this scale, and you will find holes, wich you want to fill up with about anything that fits it..

Just my opinion

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:59 AM
The list is waaay to lengthy to post here.

I will say this: Our president & company are Luciferian liars.

That covers it all.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 09:47 AM
The conspiracy makes for a good Oliver Stone screenplay, and it is interesting. I have read some articles that made me think (Carlyle Group,PNAC,Northwoods,Saudis) and there are others (NIST,FEMA, 9/11, Independant) that make me think otherwise.

Did our government plan it? no
Did our government know about the threat? yes
Did our government 'do enough' to stop it? no
Did out government learn anything from it? No terror attacks in 5 years tells you we are doing OK.

I am resentful towards the governments buearacracy that stood in the way of inter-departmental communcations which could have led to stopping 9/11.

WTC 7 was one that took me a loooong time to come around on, but the facts are there is you read the reports more than once and try to understand how it could have happened, rather than just dismiss it as a government conspiracy and run with the pack.

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