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wierd experiance

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 04:35 PM
im pretty sure this is the right place for this as i think it was paranormal, not alien UFO related.

i'll set the scene.

12:50AM, wednesday 5th april 2006, after having wild storms lash the southern regions of brisbane/northern gold coast, the power was out on some grids, one of them being daisy hill, annother beenleigh click for map for those unfamilliar with the area (everyone but me lol).

last night after i finished work, the security guard asked me to give him a lift home, so i did, the trip down was eerey because of the lack of street lights in certain areas, even on the freeway (thick green line on the map), i drop him off (@ eagleby) and get back on the freeway heading north again, going over a bridge just after the beenleigh onramp, im doing 110Km/H in a 100 zone without realising, in the middle of the third lane infront of me (six lanes at this point) i see what appears to be an illuminated circle of red light on the road, seeimingly coming from no-where, and as i only had a second to think i didnt realise what i was seeing, as i drove over it, my head went "Stupid"

kinda like being jolted out of sleep, but without the jolt, i know i wasnt asleep because i was singing alone to Pantera to keep me awake. anyway i get "jolted" and all of a sudden i hear what appears to be sirens (like i was being chased by the cops) so i look in the rear view mirror and my side mirrors aswell as turn the music down, and nothing (in this space in time i wouldve travelled 300 meters at most)

all of a sudden it feels to me as there is someone in my back seat, so i turn on the interior light, and look in the mirror, nothing, so i turn my head nothing , BTW still doing 105KM/h.

i put it down to a wierd experiance untill further up the rd i realise im speeding and slow down to 99km/h, and at the top of the hill is none other than a brand spanking new highway patrol car in bright red paint (same hue as the light on th road), we only mainly have white police cars over here, so this is not a common sight, and i keep track of it in my rear view paranoid that it has got a call from further down the road to stop me (they cops do this sometimes by putting a radar gun in the middle of the freeway and having one set of officers radio to annother about 1000meters down the road)

it didnt fall together untill i got home what had happened.

i had indeed been warned by some "force" be it my spirit guides or other, to slow down, needless to say i will keep track of my speed from now on.

if your still reading, thank you for taking the time.

[edit on 4-4-2006 by ausconspiracies]

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