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Our stories and proof, all backed up..?

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 12:22 PM
If this is the wrong place for this, please move it.

In a recent thread by another user, it talks about how Bush is trying to get information on reporters, basically killing freedom as speech, and possibly pressing criminal charges against anyone that says anything he doesnt like.

Well, first of all... I think Bush needs a little black mustache, and a comb-over jet black hair doo... Get who im talkin about??

Anyways, back to the topic... I had an idea when I read that...

I thought to myself 'Ok, so now they are taking freedom of speech and press. And it isnt just that he doesnt like it, it isnt that it is a conspiracy, it is actually happening now.
What if he tries to take everything he doesnt like off of the internet?'

This brings me to a collabrative work. It would not be easy, and to organize it would be hell itself. But I dont think it would take more than maybe 75 Mb. or so in a well compressed file, to store a very simple, yet very very informative and factual website, that talks about everything that is going on, and the scandal of the US government.
This way, say the sites get closed down (ever seen .torrent sites??, and the like... I watched those crumble in a matter of days from the Government. Probably a good 50 sites or so...), you could simply find that little file you downloaded awhile ago, and go get one of those free sites, or if you have a host, use it, and you can simply extract the files inside, and it will be a website-ready-to-go... Images and all, all self contained.

I dont think the idea would be hard, nor the file layout and creation, or distribution. I think the hardest part would be for everyone to argue theyre theories that will be set in stone with this file.

Just an idea...

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