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The Real Axis of Evil - China, Russia & Iran

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 07:06 AM
G'day all,

I'm not sure where to begin this, but this morning I turned the news on and a report from one of the American News Networks shocked me, scared me and put the final piece in the puzzle of my conspiracy theory, of which I genuinely beleive to be true.

This morning it was reported that Iran had successfully tested a new torpedo, capable of going much faster than any other currently in use; quick enough they say that if an enemy does manage to catch it on raider then there is no chance that they could quickly take evassive action.

Now, what freaks me out about this is the connection in this article of the Iranian "Hoot" Missile and it's ability to carry multiple warheads, and the Russian made VA-111 Shkval, developed in 1995. It is also quoted as saying that it is not known if the design was based on the Shkval.

So therefore we must assume the possibility of Military technology sharing between Russia and Iran - we know thats happened in the past and the Russians know full well that the Iranians will use their missiles against the US if attacked, and the US knows this too.

The twist in the story is the design and testing incident of the Shkval, on August the 12th, 2000.

I have read many articles and watched a documentary on the incident last year that clearly shows that the kursk was sunk by a torpedo. Who's torpedo sunk it do you say? Well, many of you who have followed the story would know but for those uninitiated it was sunk by the Americans!

Shock, Horror! Yes, it is true. On that fateful day, russia was displaying it's new torpedo the VA-111 Shkval to some senior generals of the Chinese military, who were aboard (and im not sure here) either the kursk or an obsevation ship, to view the new torpedo's performance in the hope of a large sale to the Chinese.

America sent in two submarines to the test as a protest and observation statement. It wanted Russia to know that it did not approve of the sale to the Chinese for it would give the Chinese the upper hand in the Pacific.

Why the fuss over the torpedo - well, the new torpedo shoots a jet of gas infront of itself, dispersing the water away from the tip of the torpedo with a bubble of sort, thus allowing the tip of the torpedo to travel faster through a highly reduced friction resistance from the water.

One US submarine was watching from a distance and the otherwas shadowing the Kursk underneath. When they travelled the distance required there was a mix-up in either command or directions and as both were executing U-turn manouvers, the US subs hit the Kursk.

The admiral of the US sub knowing full well that the Russians might take this as an agressive manouver against them, and knowing full well that if this was the case and they deployed the new torpedo the US sub would be a goner, so he took the first move to protect his own crew and launch a torpedo against the Kursk which sunk it.

This entire incident shows that the Russians are arms trading with China and Iran, trying to equip them with start of the art weaponry.

On the following site, there is an article documenting Russia equipping Iran and Syria with their S-300 Nuclear tipped missile in the event of an attack by the USA. Aswell as this, on the same site is an article named "China backs Iran against the Great Satan", which clearly documents Russias role in trying to organise a military pact between China, Russia and Iran.

These 3 are the real axis of evil, and they have the means to truly bring the fight up to the west in the event of a 3rd world war sparked off by the entire Iran dispute.

It seems to me that Russia has instigated the conditions for a tri-lateral military partnership to bring about not only a 3rd world war, but also a new order countering the New World Orders attempts, and carving the world amongst themselves, with Russia getting the Western nations of Europe and North America, Iran getting the entire middle east and north africa, and the Chinese getting the Asia-Pacific region.

Does anybody else see this happening? Come on, it cant only be me ********** myself over this. This is ral and will kick off a month from last friday when the Iran nuclear dossier was handed to the security council.

We should really be preparing ourelves for the worst.

Please, contribute your thoughts and ides on this matter!


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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 09:04 AM
I dont know about an axis of evil... I do know that all countries involved are seeking a more multi-lateral geopolitical situation in light of a hyperpower which has been sabrerattling and openly professing a desire for unilateral action and full specrum dominance...

so the Russians sell export versions of advanced weaponry to the others in order to redress the geopolitical balance and check Amercian ideas of further military action in the middle east... okay.. so this makes sense so far.. it's as evil as you wanna see it I guess...

The US sinking the Kursk? Given the nature of the torp in question... it is probably more likely that the hull was damaged in a launch test...

I don't see a new world order in the form of these three... China, US and Russia would probably serve as a more subtle and realistic future coalition of evil for the powerful to rule the weak... and even that isnt soo likely (IMO)...


posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 09:16 AM
Melbourne Militia,
Its not often I look at other people conspiracy theories, and even rarer that i read them all the way through. Yours however struke a chord, and the note wasn't pretty. For a long time I have been trying to figure out just where the Russians sat on this issue, and like yourself, came to the conclusion that they are actually acting as 'agitators' on the worlds scene: Take for instance the fact that they armed and equiped Syria, and now Iran, and have actively tried to hamper any move made against N.Korea, Iran and the likes.

Heres what your theory is missing in my humble opinion. The Cold War never ended, the russians just changed tactics and took the war onto the offensive footing by going global with its resources instead of fighting a border war in isolation. This isn't being done covertly as in the 60's 70's and 80's, but with a screen of 'world wide commercialism' due to its new state as a democracy! Any Putin watcher could tell you that his view is KGB, and his methods are KGB - so Melbourne I salute your great post, and maybe some people may sit up and take notice!

P.S - Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Great energy rich areas, lots of oil and gas, and also make great strike bases for US craft to hit 'other' targets in the far east.....

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:36 AM

Your assumption that the kursk was damaged via a faulty torpedo launch is 100% wrong - i do not mean to offend you, but just to inform you of the facts. I dont know if you have seen the photos of the damaged hull of the Kursk, but on the photo you can clearly see a hole where the torpedo hit and the outside ring of the impact hole is bent inwards, clearly defining an attack via another agressor.


Thankyou for your kind comments and it's good to finally come in contact with another ATS member who clearly thinks on the same wavelength as I do. Yes, that was what I was getting at with my post in regards to Russia. They and the USA have continued the Cold War, i think, in a totaly different manner. By convincing the rest of the world that the Iron Curtain has come down and democracy has overtaken totalitarianism of yesteryear when the new totalatarianism is more cunning and deceitful.

Just look at the global situation in regards to both Russia and the Us's allies -

The US has clearly been on a mission to win as many friends as it can since supposedly the Iron Curtain came down - they have alliances with Taiwan, right at the doorstep of China, they have Japan, Okinawa, Phillipines, Afghanistan, Pakistan (for now), several eastern European nations.

They are clearly playing chess with each other, positioning their pawns to surround Russia, China and Iran on all sides and theoretically corner them, so they may easily attack either of them from multiple positions/locations and call a check-mate as soon as possible in the event of conflict.

Russia has clearly protested NATO's expansion into Eastern Europe, as it would allow US forces to be stationed on Russias immediate doorstep.
Russia in the mean-time has been trying to re-affirm it's historical allegiances with several mid-east nations, those being Iran, Syria, and I bet you they are still kicking themselves for not being able to take Afghanistan. Aswell as their connection with China.

In my view, all the pawns are almost in place and they are just waiting for the spark to light the flames that burn our history as we know it away and leave us a fresh burned canvas to start our geo-political make-ups all over again. It will be a swift conflict, a treamendously violent and destructive conflict, but one the world will have to have to remove this stigma of "somethings going to happen, I can feel it" hanging over the heads of each and every one of us. Ask your friends and Im sure they will say the same thing - something is brewing, I don't know what but it's gonna be big. Ive heard many say this aswell as , bring it on, the sooner it comes the sooner we can start to live again.

I don't beleive that the majority of the public understands the ramifications of this entire episode - in my view, and my opinion only, this entire scenario is being orchestrated by the UN/illuminati, and they are doing this to destabilise world governments and economies. The price of oil continues to rise, event thou there is proven technologies that may be used instead of oil, but these aren't being considered, for by increasing the price of oil, it makes economies of the world shaky. Then the UN/illuminati brainstorm another way to destroy the world community, lets pit the western nations against the nations of Islam for they have the oil the west needs and any serious conflict will make the price of oil skyrocket, thus crashing western economies, and a war between them will render the majority of the world bankrupt.

The UN/illuminati will then come in and offer to repay all of the destroyed and financially ruined nations debt off and pay for their resbuilding if they sign up to a One world government. Many nations will have no choice and this is where the real UN will show it's colours. Up until now it's been seen to be a fair and helpful organisation while corruption runs rife throughout it and it hoards money, by the trillions off western nations to finance it's current and future single world government endeavours.

Just a couple of links to scare you even further on this topic.

Thankyou for your time in reading mine and others views and please do not hesitate to express you opinions.



posted on May, 22 2006 @ 05:56 PM
BS! Russia ain't no axis of evil, and definetley not any eviler then the US. If you want to consider arming allies with high tech weapons evil, why not consider what the US did during the Russian-Afghan war- the US supplied the Mujhadeen with arms and trained Bin Laden. And now Bin laden's Al Quaida is causing chaos. So who's evil now? There is nothing evil about this. This is simply trade betwean two allies, and the US is doing the same thing. It might not be a good thing to do, but its definetley not evil. Russia ain't evil. And, as a fully patriotic Russian, I will say that America is not evil, either, happy now?

PS: can't we all just get along?

posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 02:19 PM
Russia is only checking US advances in other parts of the world with advances of its own. It's Cold War 2.0 in the making and both sides are trying to hide the facts.

US moved to provoke color-coded revolutions all around Russia (Georgia, Ukraine, etc.), and installed puppet governments there as well as in the Baltic States, most of the Eastern European states, and half of ex-Soviet Cenral Asian States.

Russia is basically forced to go looking for allies else where. China, India, Iran, Venezuela, peru, Bolivia, Syria, Sudan, Palestine are all potential allies of Russia. It is already closer than ever in forming military partnership with India, and together they will make a very strong alliance to offset NATO- and SURPRISE- new Cold War. Both US and Russia are doing their part. Now its up to everyone else to start doing their to prevent this from happening.

This link gives a good summary of positionaing for power between US and Russia in Eurasia.

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posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by Melbourne_Militia
knowing full well that if this was the case and they deployed the new torpedo the US sub would be a goner, so he took the first move to protect his own crew and launch a torpedo against the Kursk which sunk it.

- Well it's a fanciful theory but not one backed by any evidence I've seen, including reports of what the surviving Kursk crew had to say in their Godawful final hours (various notes were left to relatives).

You might like to check this out -

- You'll find reference to the type of torpedo the Kursk was carrying (the hydrogen peroxide technology was hardly a great secret, in fact the British had long ago examined and refused it as far too dangerous, even if the torpedoes were fast......I'm not at all sure if this is mere confusion about the Kursk's - known - torpedo tech and the supposedly amazingly fast brand new Iranian one) and mention of the notes left by the unfortunate Russian crew in their hours surviving the initial disaster.
None of which talk about any collision or torpedo strike.

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