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Demonology In Relation To The 'BEK'(Black Eyed Kid) Phenomena...

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 05:22 PM
Four years ago while living in the North East of England I was plagued by a series of disturbing dreams. To summarise, I was being chased through my old grammar school (a place I attended from the age of five until twelve). What was disturbing about this was that I was being chased by 'myself' and that the eyes of my doppleganger were completely black and it spoke 'gibberish'. In this dream I raced into the playing field to escape and saw a little girl stood in the middle of the field. When I looked to my right I saw my doppleganger with two large dogs on a leash and I knew that 'I' was going to release the dogs on the girl. The dream ended when the dogs were released and I managed to get myself between them and the girl.

I had many recurring dreams of my black eyed double although the one I mentioned above is the one that sticks out the most. I done some research into this and read that demons will attempt to sieze control of someone when they are in a deep enough sleep to dream. I also read that these demons will sometimes assume the shape of the person they are seeking to control. As to the fact that my double spoke 'gibberish', I read that these demons will speak in their own tongue. One that is wholly unrecognisable to humans.

I only recently read about this 'Black Eyed Kid' phenomena and noticed some similiarities. I also got the very real sense of fear from these dreams of mine and was certain that if my doppleganger had actually managed to get hold of me and ultimately overpower me then certainly nothing good would come of it.

I'll sign off this post by making a suggestion. As I was confronted by something that was in the image of myself I'd ask anyone who has been approached by any of these BEK's to remember back to how they looked when they themselves were that age...

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