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Puppets of Destiny / Masters of Choices .. ?

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 12:30 AM
hello everyone ,

greeetings from me and i hope you all are having a nice day .!

ok people , now you guys must clear me out for this ...

Are our lives pre ordained [ DESTINY ] , or do we shape them by the choices we make .. ?

for example , some ppl say , you become a doctor , engineer , psychic , musician just because it was your DEsTiny , but i believe or rather think so that , destiny does play a part but ultimately its the choices we make and thus their manifestation is what shapes our lives ...

for example , if i didnt take the initiative to practice everyday , how would i ever become a musician .. ??? [ CHOICE ]

but a contradictory statement put forward is , If i was destined to be a Musician , i would have been practicsing anyhow [ DESTINY ] , thus choices have little meaning whatsoever and essentially , if one is living in pure acceptance and non judgementality of whatever is going on , you can never make a wrong choice and thus fulfill your true destiny ..

so please tel me what is it really guys ? DESTINY / CHOICES ........

i know some ppl who got what they wanted after several tries and failures . was it due to mere DEstiny or simply a matter of choice to keep pursuing it until it manifested .. ?

getting this right , really improves your view of life ... personally i dont believe all that in destiny and think we are the ultimate choice makers and co creaters !

please help me out guys ,

thank you .

love , chandan !

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 12:54 AM
If one thought that there was only so many choices that you would have taken at any possible moment and you did take all possible choices in one of many different realities or alternate universes, then you could say that your life has already been mapped out. Of course you might be able to argue that you have free will to determine which reality you want to transfer your current existence to depending upon what you do. Sometimes I even imagine that our reality as we know it somehow changed in slight ways with almost nobody else even noticing. Perhaps a million years from now someone will invent a time machine and travel back and alter our reality many times and we won't even notice the subtle differences when our timeline changes. I hope I didn't get off the thread topic here.

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 12:56 AM
I'd like to think we have a bit of both Free Will and Destiny.

Let me call back a parable from Greek Mythology. It's about Hercules.

As a young boy, Hercules being Zeus's half mortal son was given a choice of two roads to take for his life. The easy way, where he would be given everything he wanted, and eventually becoming a powerful man and leader. However he would be a tyrant ruler since he had a spoiled upbringing and was the son of a god.

The hard way was he would live a life of struggle, pain (physical and emotional), and self sacrifice. However he would always be remembered as a good and noble man. He chose this path, and lost his wife and child by his own hands in a fit of madness brought on by Aries or Hera (not sure). He also had labors or tasks he would perform to better mankind. As a reward for his more difficult path, he later became a God himself, although he had no idea that would be his reward.

So I think, that we have a great potential for a certain destiny, it is how we travel the road to get there which determines what it is.

Does this make any sense to you guys?


posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 01:18 AM
so you guys mean to say , multiple destinies are already laid out in parallel timelines , but the one we switch our consciousness to , is the one we experience on the CHoices we make .. ?

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 01:46 AM
Of course I don't know if it can be proved or not that there is an alternate reality for every possible outcome, but it sounds interesting. Thinking about an infinity of choices leading to other choices in other timelines can boggle your mind as well. If you think about how your current situation and decision to do something depended on many past events that happened already, you can imagine many possibilities.

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