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Revelation re. occult opposition for N W O

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 11:45 PM
The following reply appeared in my thread ‘Occult Opposition for the New World Order ‘

or in could be a sort of battle of the printing press??

Maybe it’s a battle of the currencies, hence a battle between different fractions of the NWO. Even thought they as a group work towards similar goals. There is still competition amongst individuals in the NWO.

I’ll give you a (fictional) example of how this might work:

Rothschild group owns 13% of the Federal Reserve and 34% of the European Central Bank

Rockefeller group owns 45% of the Federal Reserve and 0.5% of the European Central Bank

You can see how this situation could exist. In such a situation Rockefeller would be fighting for US dollars dominance, while Rothschild would be fighting for Euro world dominance.

And this might looks like what you called – Eastern dictatorships vs N.W.O. ‘S dictatorship plan But really a fight between individuals, different fractions of the NWO.


I experienced a revelation today which points vaguely towards a phenomena resembling this, but perhaps on a more philosophical, mystical level.

This ‘revelation’ came via E M space weapon communication/interaction.

I believe that the communicator is sided with the East. (since I am convinced that only the East has the monopoly of the heavens therefore is able to use E M weapons and also in respect to the content.)

The East as I’ve described in my previous threads incorporates global representatives who are attempting to effect changes on a deep, mystical level through practical tactics which have the purpose of contradicting what we popularly know as the new world order plan.

THIS ‘wealthy’ western communicator is situated in what I recognize as the European N W O territory. Thus, I deduct the following:

That there is a division within the traditional European group.

That this individual working along with the East acts as a mystical support for what I referred to as the ‘core group’.

That he is assuming the task of overlooking a global transformation which involves:

Retracting full, unrestraint use of technology that blatantly overtakes (trivializes) what we loosely define as ‘Life’ on this planet.

In essense, constraining an occult ‘force’ inherent in humans which follows a path death and destruction.

There is urgency in this situation, I hope that they are effective! Organic

[edit on 2-4-2006 by organic]

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