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Telecommunications Surveillance Passed into Law

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 10:47 PM
Last week a legislation bill was passed by the Australian Government, which for the first time in our history means that law enforcement agencies and as it transpires ALL government agencies have the right to intercept telecommunications of people who are NOT suspects, that is people who are innocent.

The legal fraternity were given two weeks on which to respond to this bill before it was tabled in Parliament, which is ridiculous and down right Machiavellian. The content of the proposed bill has not been debated and I would hazard a guess that most Australian’s would not be aware of the content, the possible ramification and that this is now embedded in law.

You will note from the following article from the Law Council that they urged the Government to abandon the part of the Bill that would end up with innocent people in the net. This was to no avail. As stated, the Bill was passed.

Of course this has now hit some of the more concerned radio stations. We could lay odds on that the rebuttal will be as per usual - "we are fighting possible terrorism".

Whilst there is an element of "possible terrorist" fear, this Bill is far more wide reaching than needs to be and indeed should be. Ti retate this is NOT restricted to law enforcement agencies this applies to ALL Government agencies have the right to request access to your email, telephone and fax transmissions. This is a total invasion of our right to privacy. The worst of it is, you will not know you are being spied on and as was pointed out this morning by the head of the Law Council, being so could place your life in danger.

All of you Aussie out there and there are a few I urge you to read up on this and to start speaking out. The weight of public opinion might just force a rethink.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 02:15 AM
For all of you Aussie out there I am interested to know why the silence. Is it because the subject line didn't grab, is it because you are interested and don't care?

This bill is one of the most significant bills that have been passed in our history. The underhandedness of the Government frightening from three perspectives 1) the lack of time allowed for debate 2) the lack of information that was put into the public medium to even allow the facilitation of debate 3) the silence from opposition parties.

As stated in the initial story this may be too late but at least we have our say. Passing of the little has little to do with terrorism – it goes WAY, WAY beyond that. We are talking about our rights to privacy as an innocent party.

Then again perhaps you don’t care.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 05:01 AM
Quite interesting post......i had no idea that this is what was happening....i think this is a great post.....everyone is so blinded by the tax review that is happening, that this hasnt been raised....i must confess I have seen nothing in the news.....thanks for the post...will give this a read.....

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 05:59 AM
Hadn't even heard about it, not that we watch mainstream news any more. It's depressing. Too much of it is depressing these days. And as you say, not a word of real protest from Beasley and his party's sloth-nose-in-the-trough members.

This is the problem, and not just in Australia. There is no genuine 'opposition' any more; not even a pretence of opposition. So what is the nose-to-the-grindstone public supposed to do? Who do we turn to? It's rotten from end to end. The legal fraternity isn't worth spitting on; the so-called independent parties are prepared to sell-out at the drop of a hat; the alleged 'opposition' epitomises 'from frying pan into the fire' --- a vote for Beasley is just a vote for a lesser-Howard. The media is a slut. They're all lining their pockets; they all hate Aussies; they're all prepared to lick foreign ass and grovel for the chance to lick US ass.

It's all happened so quickly: less than 30 years and Australia's been turned into a failed multicultural stew that stinks to high heaven. Aussies are punch drunk from Zionist assault and they have that in common with everywhere else. We can't even hope that booting Howard and Downer and Ruddock and the rest of their gang could possibly usher in a more Australian Australia. Who in their right mind would vote for Beasley? And who else IS there? If there was anyone worth counting or any party worth our confidence, the monstrostity of legislation that you mention would not have made it past the Zionists' wish list. But it's done and sealed, apparently, and the media keeps on concentrating on some footballer's impacted wisdome tooth. God help us.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:26 AM

Did a great job in nailing the nailes in the coffin.....great addition...i will totally agree with you..adding to the treasury....there is no question...will we have a tax cut?....its getting bad...i heard in the news if the government recorded such a huge sur the the US, there would be marches...but i guess we are all so passive in our response..and i agree...too much unnecessary focus on footballers....and games...and what is happening in their life.....that we miss out on the important news...cant believe that such a note was missed out in the news and the opposition said nothing...

I agree cant vote for howard as you cant trust him and kim......who do you vote for? wonder the politicans are taking advantage of Australian stance.....Work law another example...and the pressue of the government to re instate sacked employees is but another example of the pressue that is generated.....definately the downfall many bumps we face before we hit the bottom is an answer only time will display...

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 07:44 AM
The OP suggests that 'weight of public opinion' might turn this satanic legislation around.

I wish I could believe that such could be the case. Thirty years ago --- no, even ten years ago -- I might still have believed that 'we the people' had the power to demand and force our politicians to be accountable. I'm not sure when I stopped believing. Pretty recently, actually. Up until six months ago, I was spending every night and day taking indisputable proof of State government (and departmental) corruption before anyone who would grant me five minutes. This was copious, documented proof, by the way.

Took it to the Ombudsman -- who corruptly dismissed the evidence. No explanation. Just sent it back, nicely stamped with the Ombudsman's stamp and date. So I took it to ICAC. That was interesting. I was at Parliament House as the guest of our Local MP, when the Minister for the corrupt department in question told the MP that ICAC had just contacted her to say they'd received my submission ..... and that they were happy to reassure the corrupt Minister in question that she need not worry because ICAC had already cleared her of all charges. And this was *before* ICAC had even READ the evidence against the Minister and her manifestly corrupt department ! The Minister advised our local MP to 'walk away' from the issue. She did. Just dropped it like a hot cake and moved on to the next photo opportunity.

I took it to the Opposition and to Shadow Ministers (don't get your hopes up). The Opposition was NOT interested in exposing corruption within the government. They said: ' Look. We'd like to help you, but it isn't worth our time. After all, even if we PROVE they're corrupt ... nothing will happen to them. They (corrupt politicians) will still keep their jobs. In response, I asked: ' So why are we (the public) paying you? Why do we need you, if you're not prepared to fight government corruption or act in the interests of the public who pays your salary?' The opposition politicians (and I approached several, over several years) laugh at questions like that. Well they might laugh. They protect the governing party until it comes time for a change of positions, and then the ex-governing party protects the opposition when they come into power. Just musical chairs, just a joke, just an endless junket of pocket-lining for which we the public pay mightily, all the while convinced the opposition is there to ' keep them honest'.

So on the advice of a man who actually works in the Ombudsman's department, I related the story to the people at the Alan Jones show. They didn't want to know. I sent it to the Shadow Attorney General, and he took it upon himself to defend the corrupt bastards at ICAC. That puzzled me, until I discovered the Shadow AG used to work with ICAC.

I took it the Sydney Morning Herald; to Today Tonight; to local newspapers. No response.

I'm convinced now that if I'd contacted the media and claimed a woman of seventy was baring her withered breasts in our local park, there would have been umpteen photographers and reporters at my door in less than half an hour. But tell them you have documented proof of systemic and prolonged corruption within a major government department, backed by the Premier himself ....... and no one is interested. So that's how it is.

Here in Australia, whistle-blowers end up dead, or in jail on trumped-up charges, or hounded on the roads and by the police and government officials until they save the government goons the trouble of killing them .. .... by committing suicide. Whistle blowers are black balled. They are never able to work again. They spend the rest of their lives in hiding, in poverty. Nice reward, isn't it, for standing up for the rights of others and trying to expose the guilty.

So it would be great to be able to affect repressive legislation imposed by corrupt, Aussie-hating politicians ..... but how would one go about it: by protesting peacefully in the Domain: by attending protest marches in Martin Place: by writing to local and State MPs? How *would/could* the Australian public go about reinstating its rights?

We are witnessing the systematic introduction of 'riot squads' who kick the daylights out of people just for the practice. We know the government is intent on a campaign of fear, to cow and intimidate the populace and dissuade them from ever daring to open their mouths in protest. The media used to take the government to task; used to speak for the people; used to inform the people; used to stand up for Aussie rights. Well, the media's not playing that role anymore, and without it on our side, we're not only rendered deaf but dumb; we can't learn the facts and can't launch a rallying call. Worse, the Zionist controlled media works for the bad guys these days and like the bad guys, seems to actually hate and despise the Aussie public.

The lawyers used to stand for justice, or at least they did a reasonable job of pretending to. Nowadays, lawyers have made it clear they work *for* the guilty and *against* the innocent, as occurred yesterday, when a lunatic who gatecrashed a private party and stabbed several people repeatedly, was sentenced to only 200 hours community service. Ahhh --- but commit a crime involving money, and you'll rot in jail for twenty years. So the message is clear: Australia and Aussies are stuffed. They are nice people, raised in the beliefs and ideals of a past age. They are like lambs to the slaughter. They are numb and rendered dumb, generally speaking. They are waiting for the 'good old days' to return. They are waiting for someone to replace Beasley so that the can vote the governing party out at the next election.

But Latham jumped before he was pushed/killed. And there's a concerted effort ongoing to make sure Crean never gets a crack at the job, because Crean, for all his faults, just might be the man to decide he'd rather go out doing the right thing than not. So goodbye Latham and Crean, and we're the poorer for your leaving. Which illustrates just how bad the situation is, because I've never voted Labour, yet here I am, bemoaning the loss of Latham and Crean !

So I'm game for the good fight, as long as I see some of those with power and well-paid positions ( politicians of both sides, the legal fraternity, the media etc.) up front, leading the charge. Oh well, there's always hope, I guess. So over to you, all you politicians, lawyers, journalists, etc. Get the ball rolling please ... take it up to the government; start demanding they honour 'of the people, by the people, for the people' .... instead of licking the boots of US politicians and corporations. Please .....?

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:43 AM
and you know that this is not going to happen. I am on your side on this but somehow the picture is just too dirty...just as you have highlighted, there is nothing that can be done. Those in power want more and they dont care as long as there power is held....i feel sorry for your story and wish that people do pay attention but unfortunately it doesnt, its a good learning lesson, however the path ahead is not the path, which we as Aussies would not want the country to head in......hope things change and it is not going to change with the efforts of two of us...i think more people should come out on these forums and discuss issues which i guess as a community, we can change...thoughts?

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 05:41 PM
Start putting pen to paper. Tell everyone that you know about this change. Add it to your various blogs. Write to newspapers. The power of the people is strong if people are prepared to get off their butts and do something about.

The Law Council are increasing their pressure and I do know from personal experience that you can have legisation turned around is you put on enough pressure on the right people.

We still have some rights left, lets us them.

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 08:15 PM
I feel for you guys.

My mother and I have friends in Cromer, New South Wales (I'm in Ohio, Mom is in Michigan). Can't help but think that if Mom calls up her friend Yvonne, one of them might become a suspect!

[edit on 4/5/2006 by Amethyst]

posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 08:44 AM
I personally think it is more than pen to paper....there are a lot of things which need to fall in place. I feel that australians on a general are peace loving people. Confrontation is something which is best to be avoided. Though i have myself seen and few....however when the need arises, they can fight back well.....

There is a lot of general education which needs to be feed into the system...the reason for it being, obviously as it has been raised about multiculturalism.....there are segments within the society...if there is a problem faced by an is tough to see the rest of the other segments coming together for one cause....there could be instance however the cronulla riots in december in sydney highlighted some great points on what is really happening underneath the silent is not suprising, that inspite of all that was happening, and the government knowing about the challenges, could not do much to educate these segemnts in the society. The statements some passed where, go back to your country...including the PM saying, that if these people come to australia they must understand the countries values...Great call, but did he go in and understand the problems faced by these people? No or has he?

It is an interesting issue, and this quite clearly shows the stance of Australian community as a whole and please dnt think that i am not guilty, i am the same, as i dnt actively participate in these matters.....

The good points which i can take aboard is from the points raised, and discuss cared out, atleast if i cant participate actively, i can play a passive role in forwarding information to news agents, immigration and try to ask for response...i do understand the challenges, however there are as many times, when you can ignore repititive request, and i have the time atleast to do that...

posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 09:20 AM
LOTL, can you provide a link to the original Bill, or an FRLI number please?


posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 12:02 AM
Link to the bill

Another link you might find interesting.

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