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The Supreme observer

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 01:11 AM
As we obverse the ever changing face of our humanity, we ourselves are change in the viewing, coming is the awareness that we are not as we see (within this discernible plane) nor are we what we think we are in the physical. As the observer as well as the observed, we are only what we are aware of, only what we ultimately accept as perceived reality. Thou the limitation of our corporal input stifle our innumerable abilities beyond what our senses allow us to discern.

Every single one of the billions of bits of information, which bombard our body’s processes at any given moment, is astounding within this multi-layered biomechanical dimension. Amazingly enough though, we only acknowledge about two thousand of those bits through our given sensory perceptions, and it is only those bits of information, which are pre-associated by a reoccurrence of similar information which we have previously adhered our consciousness’ too i.e. memories.

Because we are not in the ultimate vantage point of the ‘supreme observer’, there are to us appearances and disappearances of energy winking in and out of our plane of observance, therefore in and out of our point of view, thus they are in, ‘and out’ of our realm of consequential influence. When these energies are within our realm of observation and interactions, the tendencies of matter is then expressed ‘as particles’ as observed through our holographic mental model, which we form, as we experience these energies.

Furthermore the unobserved energy is its self unencumbered of our observances and tendencies of manipulation, it acts therefore uninvolved ‘as a wave’ waiting to be conjoined through the interaction of our mental influence, unto a purpose. The predisposition to manipulate according to our previous encounters of associative memories, cause those energies to fire habitually through reoccurrences within the synapses of our brain. Forming that which is a commonality of response, which we begin structure our lives around.

Energies that fire habitually as a result of the pursuit of the reoccurring stimuli produced by the construct of preconceived associations of what is the perceived reality, drives us to seek out those same constructs which caused those stimuli to be observed in the first place within our brain i.e. ‘forming a habit’. The association of emotional addiction has come to a commonality within societal acceptances, which further forms a vast acceptance of this reality, as being concrete when, in all perceived reality is not.

The Rev.

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 11:54 AM
And the point to all of this is?


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