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Draconians, Insectoids, finally she gets it!

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posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 03:35 PM
Haha, I am so happy today because my mom was a disbeliever in draconians and reptilians and...aliens until now. Three days ago I talked about the fourth demension and how reptilians live down there as well as other aliens. She scoffed at me..yelled at me.. because she thought I was being mental.

A couple nights later.. my mom was in for a suprise..even I was.

This morning, she came in and told me she had the most bizzare dream. She said the following.

mom: I was on a beach and I saw these really skinny people! they were so scary looking and had elongated heads with large eyes and..they were. like.. so skinny!" They were on our beach and near the river. *note* because we live near the water right next to the marsh/river*

Me: Ah.. lol, you saw insectoids.

Mom: really...? *in a low tone..sort of scaredish* lol.. They also had really pretty wings.

Me: Oh that's wierd.

Mom: Then I was in this truck and I saw these.... *emphasizes with hands* *my mom seemed very wide awake for the morning while she was telling me this dream* dinosaur people walking around attack people, and they were awful.

Me: What did they look like?

Mom: They were like..standing upright with human/ dragon look to them, and they had wings.

Me: What color were they?

Mom: They were... green..

Me: *laughs* Yep, you saw a draconian... I told you...I tried to tell you *sings in a taunting voice* lol

Mom: I just don't understand where this dream came from?" How would you explain it? What do you think it means?

Me: Well you went to the fourth demension some how..

Mom: Oh and the skinny people had little ones next to them, but they were nice. They didn't attack anyone.

Me: I saw them too, in a dream. They are called" insectoids" Are they like kind of hunched?"

Mom: Yes! They were hunched, and..and..and they had really skinny, "stick" like arms and legs.. they were just freaky looking.

Me: And remember the draconian dream I told you about. I had a dream about a white one. It had blue eyes and hugeee wings. They are huge! Mom.

Mom: It was wierd, it was in a wierd place I saw them.

Me: Was it like the..Bronx? ( in NY)

Mom: Yeah! It was. It was dusk..

Me: Yep, well now you know. See I told you...Tolddd youuuu *sings*

Mom: *is not laughing* well..that was just...a bizzare dream.

Me: I asked God to give you a sign that they exist, and well they do. I told you they do.

Mom: *is speechless*

So there ya have it. A little interview with my mom about her dream.

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