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Ufo caught on Pyramid Web Cam?

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:00 PM
This is a bit strange, does anyone have any more information about this?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:02 PM
Hmm... interesting find. What ever it is, it looks to be reflecting light.

And footage of this would be better than just one still frame. Hard to tell.

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posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 05:59 PM
That picture looks kinda real. The fact that the pyramid has light on it (which is even in the right place) makes me kinda lean to "OMGAUFO!!!"

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 06:07 PM
It is interesting. When I checked it out, they had a second image from 47 seconds previous that also showed an object...maybe the same one. The site acknowledges the existence of a 'bird or bug capture' (interesting that it happens enough to have a phrase coined for it) on the earlier image.

The earlier image is here

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 08:09 PM

Whatever it is, it is huge.
Bird, plane or evidence?

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 01:11 AM
Is there a chance it could be a star? Venus is often mistaken for u.f.o.s and I know that it can get pretty big and bright in the sky sometimes... Maybe the dark part of the anomaly is illuminated cloud or haze.

I really doubt that this is the real answer... and I'm no astronomer. But out of the thousands of u.f.o. pictures that we've all seen on the internet, my instinct is now to first think of things it could NOT be.

I don't think it's a star. It's not the Moon or the Sun. It looks too big and irregular-shaped to be any sort of conventional airplane. Also, I don't know the rate that this camera is taking captures... but what are the odds that something flying by would be captured in one pic (possibly 2?) It's obviously still or slow-moving, which also helps to rule out an airplane as an explanation.

I don't know that the object gives me the first or second impression of a blimp, although it does seem to me to be slow-moving.

What else could it not be?

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 11:06 AM
I agree this thing (if it is next to the pyramid) is pretty big.

I don't think a star would appear that big or bright during the day, especially in Egypt which is really bright and would mask the light of the star. Plus it is only bright in the middle, the edges are dark.

I also don't think a planet would look like that for the same reason

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 02:11 PM
I have a few questions about these images. In the earlier image there is a second anomaly on the far right. If you check above and slightly to the left you will see a shadow in the clouds, if you go left from there to the other side of the picture there is another shadow. In the later picture the far right image is gone, the two shadows seem to be in the same place but the object near the pyramids has moved.

The two shadows are what interest me. Are these doctored images? To me it seems that the poeple who have doctored them have forgot to remove the shadows they may have added before. Or maybe i am being overly skeptical.

Edited for some terrible spelling mistakes sorry.

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 06:53 PM

I just found this one. I CLEARLY see two images in this picture,no?
In the middle of the day, were they having a Mexico incident?

Perhaps 3, if you look closly, one to the far right one in the middle, and one on the left. Hawass did not get a chance to pull out these frames.

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 07:09 PM
Yes I see 2 very clearly as well...and was gunna say SUMPIN...but you beat me to the punch heh.......

TRG* comes in 2nd again 'sigh'

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 07:42 PM
huh...i dont know...maybe it could be a UFO. I'm not saying i really believe in UFO's but i mean this is a huge would be really hard to believe if a scientist told me we were the only species in the universe.

posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 10:50 PM
Ive seen this before, its actually a plane in the distance but caught it at the right time to give it the shiney, metalic look and make it look as if its 'floating' next to the pyramid.

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 12:42 PM
Text PurpleThe ufo given the capstone on the pyramid would have to be quite large. I think it is a good photo and with the pyramids representing Orion's Belt, it doesn't surprise me that one has been photographed over them.

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 01:04 PM
By definition, it is a UFO, because we can't identify it, it's an object, and it appears to be flying. However, it could be something as simple as a hot air balloon or a plane. It could even be a helicopter; it appears metallic on the close-up. Remember, there are lots of air tours of the pyramids given, so it's not unusual for objects to be in the air near the pyramids. The image quality is not all that great. Is it of alien origin? I doubt it, just because we'd probably hear something about that, especially if the second object (which looks very plane-like) was unidentified like we have seen in Mexico.

Very nice catch, though!

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 01:39 PM
yes....i enhanced the image with my digital camera toolsa nd the iamge to the right appears to be a plane or a huge ass bird....thsee images are not ufo's i am almost positive.....why is it people always get pictures tht arent clear?but i have seen a ufo before.....but it was pretty much liek a for all i knowi couldve have dreamed it...but i doubt it....

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 01:44 PM
thats a bit much to say its a Plane, or even a bird, its appears as a metal, and Very Round , can anyone find flight patterns above or around the Pyramids?..... this is pretty cool reguardless, i mean there are some pretty huge relationships with Egypt and ETs

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 02:27 PM
I just don't trust pictures anymore

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 02:29 PM
yeah i can understand why, anything can be done to gain more traffic to a website, the fact that they have it listed as well on their page makes me feel less likely that its anything to be concerned of.

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 02:39 PM
I must say they are very interesting pictures.

Since I am not a photo expert is there someone here can for certain (either yeah or nay) say if this is a matter of false perspective wether due to the camera position angle or whatever?

If it is actually by the pyramid then it could be a whole new kettle of fish.

Not poo pooing but certain metallic colored blimps when they catch the sun can catch the suns reflection like that as can hot air balloons.

What are the flight restrictions over the pyramid? Are there any?

Just curious.


posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 02:52 PM
its defentlig Superman

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