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What Can America do to Right Herself?

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 09:27 PM
We have 100's of thousand of people marching for lawbreakers. We have senators who refuse to listen to their constituents. We have a President, that believes in rewarding these lawbreakers. What is America to do?

That is a question only each and everyone of us can answer. As there are 280 million of us, i'm sure there are 280 million answers. But following are the answers from one American. Whether these are right or wrong answers...I don't know, but would love the feedback of this community.

1) As for "illegal Immigration", do the best we can to deport all of them. Can it all be done at once? Maybe. But it is not realistic. Deport every illegal as we find them. As for legal immigration, open this country to more. You may ask, "How do we stop illegal immigration?" the answer is simple. Use DRACONIAN measures. Build a wall around the country, shoot everyone trying to enter as invaders. Plain and simple. For people willing to come here "LEGALLY" open the doors for them. Let more of them in, than is currently being allowed. To stop illegal immigration, fine the employers of illegals out of business. Once and for all, use what ever means necessary to stop the flow of illegals. Then open the doors to people who want to come here legally.

2) "Jobs that Americans don't Want"- There are 2 answers to this...1) Take all the people on WELFARE, and if your an able bodied citizen, you will do these jobs. To be fair, the Govt. will deduct you make from these jobs from your welfare check. If you don't like the job, then we will help you to better yourself. But, and this is a big BUT...If you expect the taxpayers to completely support your able bodied self...then you are sh*t out of luck. You will be cut off from the welfare rolls! 2) If the welfare rolls aren't enough, then use low risk prision imates to do these jobs. If you are in prison for something minor..(Not Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Child Molesting, etc) Then you can work off some of your sentence by performing these jobs.

3) Welfare- See above

4) Congress- It's time for term limits. Serving in congress was once a priviledge...NOT A CAREER! Limit the terms, and forbid any elites, such as Lawyers, CEO's, etc. from serving in Congress. Congress was meant to serve the people, not have the people serve it.

5) Foriegn Aid- There are not many things I agree with our President on these days, except for the statement..."You are either with us, or against us" You want foriegn aid from America, then tow the line. Is the line right? Only history will determine that, but until it does...You are either with us or against us.

6) The UN- see above. America supports approximately 25% of the UN's budget. What do we get for this...NOTHING. Kick the UN out of NY, and give the builing to the homeless..(At least then maybe we'll get some gratitude.) Send the UN to Europe of the MIddle East...where they would feel right at home.

7) Anti-American Citizens...Pay their way to the country of their choice. Yes this maybe a big up-front cost, but in the long run it will save us money.

8) Taxes- First abolish the IRS, this is nothing more than wealth distribution. Until I see something better, the "Fair Tax" plan is the way to go. Rich or poor, everyone pays the same. Whether you make $1000.00 or $100,000,000.00 we all pay the same. All tax on necessities is reimbursed, according to the poverty level. And for the "Hate the Rich" crowd, they are the ones who will be buying the big ticket items, and paying mores taxes. If there are so many poor people in this country, why do they have Cable TV, Cell Phones, Cars, ETC... These are luxuary items. The poor should be able to have these.

9) Energy Policy- Open any and all domestic oil and natural gas fields to exploration. If these can not be utilized in todays age as environmental friendly, then nothing can. After this, spend what is needed to find ways to weed us off of fosil fuels. You can not tell me in this day and age, that their are not ways. Yes, they may hurt the big colomergates of today. But guess what, unless you can flow with the change...Tough sh*t. See next point for more info.

10) Pain and Suffering- It's either now or later, and the earlier we make it happen the less pain we will suffer. In the 60's there was talk of carburaters getting 50 plus miles to the gallon of gas. Can you honestly believe, with todays technology that, we can't get fuel efficientcy of the same or more. Big business...Hell I'll say it, big OIL company's don't want this...why? They have to much profits to lose. I believe that the technology is there. IT's time for big business to stop worrying about their profits, and start worrying about what will make America better. They say we live in a global market. Well America should be the leader. Since our inception, we have been the worlds dominet force. Now is the time to show the world what we can really do.

11) Terrorism- See Item 10. Until we can cut our dependence on Middle East OIL, then we are going to have to face Terrorism. Is taking us out of the equation for Middle East oil, going to reduce Terrorism? No, atleast not at the begining. At the begining, the Middle East will fight for our money. Once we are self sufficent and do not need them, then they will need to rethink their positions. Once American dollars are not flowing into their coffers, they will have to step up and join the 21st century, or whither and die. Our Energy Independence, may lead to a few years of bad times, but in the end, we will have curtailed the Middle East. For more see next item.

12) American Defense- Once we cut ourselves from dependency on Middle East OIL, they will have no other choice than to rethink their policies towards us. How many Middle East countries supply us with oil, and also support terrorism. Personally I think most. Once our money is not flowing to them, the GOVTs of these countries are really going to have to rethink their policies. They will realize, that without the BILLIONS of $ coming in from us, they..or more importantly, their people, will realize they need to join the rest of the civilized world. (gonna let this go here)

13) Federal Reserve- (Some may call this an unlucky number, I DON'T). America needs to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Plain and simple. We need to go back to the Gold and/or Silver standard. Creating money out of thin air as the FED does is wrong. We need to become fiscally responsible in more ways than I can list here. But to have foriegn banks (WHich support the Federal Reserve) controlling our monetary system is just plain wrong. Congress agreed to this, and they should be tried as treasonists! Any foreign control, of any aspect of the American Govt, is a crime of treason. This goes back to my thoughts on taxes.

America, is a country "For the people, by the people" is time we don't forget this. When Americans feel threatend by their politicians...instead voting against them in the primaries, they just do not go out to vote in general elections. THIS IS WRONG! What I have said, may be right to some...(But I'm willing to bet it is wrong to a whole lot more) Unless you go out and vote, Especially in the primary elections, where you can decide which candidate best supports your views. (which the majority doesn;t) then do not complain. We have the right to go out and vote for the people who most represent us. A large number of the world doesn't have this right. And if we can't get off our collective asses (Sorry, Mods..but I don't know how to say it any other way) then you have no right to complain!! By staying home and not voting, you are not making a point. You are just letting the opposition win. (I'll agree that I took the long way to get to this point, but I do believe it serves it's purpose) If we all..(By this I mean, every abled bodied voter) doesn't cast a vote for what we believe, then those who don't vote...HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN! Agree,, disagree with me go out and vote. The largest number of voters who go out and vote, only vote in Presidential elections. Look at Afganastan, or Iraq, where people went to vote,, with the risk of being killed. We have a mechanism in place wgere every eligible voter can go and vote. And guess what? LESS THAN 50% of us vote,, and this is in Presidential elections. Think people...If we vote in the primaries (for the person who believes in what we do most) then think what we can do?!?! Until America stands up for what we believe in, then we will be stuck with the status quo.


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