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Occult Opposition for the New World Order

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 07:07 PM
Off the top of my head, Ahriman is one of what Christianity refers to as a ‘fallen angel’. He’s a spiritual being, from a rank higher than ‘Archangel’, who sought independence from the others of his kind. Lucifer is another. Though (the all embracing) Spirit will use them (in respect to man) in the service of it’s own divine purpose, these independent ones are nonetheless of an ‘evil’ nature. They occupy man’s subtle, spiritual environment and their presence is permanent. (probably til man reaches the status of an ‘angel’ which would happen in an extremely remote future.

While Lucifer works in the area of man’s ideals, Ahraman works through his bodily nature. Ahraman’s highest capabilities are projected through man’s base animal nature. He is master over earthly matter, and (man's) intellect which is bound to it. Ahraman’s present desire is to hold man back in his realm and prevent (man’s) natural spiritual evolution. In other words, he desires to keep man's ego stagnent and locked within the 'illusory material' realm with no possibility of a conscious REconnection to spirit. ex.spiritual knowledge of his and the earth's life force.

Steiner said that Ahraman aims to rule the West. I think (Ahraman's rule) is well established in North America. It's here that, under the guise of National Security, Electro Magnetic (sub physical) space weapons were used with the intention to control the spirits of ALL the inhabitants. The science of mind control (population control) through artificial means is fully operational with the gov's stamp of approval. Demeaning sexuality and aggressivity have become common place.

Truth is forbidden or trivialized, Law is trivialized along with the universality of ideas, which is the first representative of a free human spirit.

If you scroll down to the bottom of my page, you will find many links to ‘lectures’ which describe Ahraman in more detail.

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 05:45 PM
From my ‘sources’ which incidentally come via the ‘mystical world’ , I’m picking up that the major surgery may well have been successful. It was amazing to watch and experience, such intensity within the ruling and intelligence community, and with SUCH swiftness. Things are beginning to ‘rise to the surface’, in intelligence terms. (I’m amazed that I’m speaking like this). In case you were wondering, I really believe that the US is presided upon by... Senior!

See also,'

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posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 07:52 PM

I’m picking up that the major surgery may well have been successful

By this do you mean the destruction of the states EM/Pychotronic space based sattelites? What about there land based GWEN network? How about harp? And for that matter what about the land based xband cell network thats modulated at aproximately 10 hz with elf carrier waves? (800-900mhz with an effective modulator/vocoder)

The whole world is bombarded by 'pychotronics'. From low down dirty TV commercials(via VERY sneaky advertising execs) to subliminals in everything from Mainstream music to advertisments in magazines. People are constantly told what to do, what to buy, what to watch, who to pray to ect.. its nonstop and not always governments doing it let me tell you. And on top of that its a very hush hush yet completely LEGAL way to do business. Welcome to the 21'st century..

Let me ask you this, who are the companys that develop these pychotronic weapons? Dont you think they also do 'research' on there effectivness before the big wigs in the pentagon buy them? (aka human experimentation) There's more than just governments involved, tho once they aquire technology, you can be assured they'll develop the tech and use it all without batting an eye. Everything from brainwave entrainment, to synthesis of sound waves, hypnotic scripting via brainwashing techniques and pychology using cult based tactics to enslave a person is covered in these experiments.

And as far as these OPS in the east are concerned, the whole art of remote psionic influencing is hardly anything new. Remote influencing is simply a broadcast. One develops an ability to broadcast feelings, modulations, influence over a thought stream ect.. could be something as harmless as a loving caress to something as deadly as a static charge to a heart or brain or satellite computer chip for instance.

Now to attack a sat, im sure the ops in the east know the main components in a satellite to hit. Such as the LNB's of the Dish's installed themselves, both uplink and downlink. Also the propellent systems make a good target(exspecially if the sats in leo orbit). Also the targetting system and chips in them would be sensitive to a psionic attack. Not to to mention solar panels, electrical delivery systems any and all ccd components, chips and or vacume tube(microwave safe/analog) parts. Hell a simple Ion ray gun can obliverate any analog kylstron if ya sweep it right.

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend, then again sometimes they can be.. just dont get played by them. Be the master of puppets, dont be the puppet.


the fanatical

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 08:59 PM
One thing at a time. First they took Sharon out, then they shut down the space grid, did a minor military show of force, and a couple of days ago, a major one plus sublime 'signs' of their presence where it counted. They are in no way unnoticed, and human to human talks are now possible. We are looking at a major global turnaround! (though for many of us, it's an obvious necessity).
By the way, since Sunday night, I haven't had 'anyone' bothering me inspite of what I'm posting. Maybe that's the start on the lowest level. Bye, organic

posted on Apr, 5 2006 @ 06:02 PM
Ahraman has regained vigor and I must withdraw from the line of fire. I leave you with your own souls to take up the battle. Ask yourselves the question, Is all you really need, the air that you breath and your free spirit? Or do you REALLY need your dose of psychotronic, subliminal Americana? And does everyone else need it too?

People, try to feel the pain of yours, and generations to come within the conditions of the status quo and more. Death, destruction, banal violence and sex, untruthfulness, and a full humanity without recourse to Law.

I bid you take hold of your souls and spirit, ‘the second coming’ is within the soul and YOU have to get there! For the sake of YOUR humanity and it's home! Bye, organic.

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posted on Apr, 6 2006 @ 07:33 AM
PS. Through this thread, I think I’ve illustrated what’s lies behind the scenes of the Eastern defense strategy… and what you and I as North Americans must face as Individuals.

Our N. American culture is (more than) laced with subliminal brain washing propaganda, through a mix of gov agenda together with media (news) and entertainment industries which, over many decades, have crystallized into a powerhouse capable of enslaving our spirits. The use of Electro Magnetic space weapons was the final thrust with 911 as the prelude.

Though I’ve pointed to the ‘evil’ force behind this phenomena, I haven’t discussed our attraction to Materialism, nor the Patriotism which attempts to elevate the US, along with Israel, above the status of humanity itself. This my friends, is what spiritual occultism calls ‘Lucifer’s’ influence’.

Today, with the absence of American Space weapons systematically altering our weather systems and indoctrinating our spirits, (thanks to the East), we have some breathing room and the potential of bodily health which enables us to more easily assert ourselves and take up the ground work, which is to tackle our ‘Culture’. While the East takes on the heavy stuff, you and I have to assume the finer stuff.

And this my friends, is (living) Spirit drawing up it’s report over ‘evil’.

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