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Port Arthur Back in the News, Sort Of...

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 05:05 PM
The Port Arthur Massacre has been forgotten by Western media, for the most part. Even conspiracy theorists seem to avoid this story like the plague.

And yet, here it is, back in the news.

According to The Bulletin, Bryant spends most days alone inside his cell. He no longer reads or watches television, has no friends, and although he is said to receive large numbers of letters, mostly from women, he never opens them. He has not spoken to anyone for at least two years, and seems lost in a profound depression, the magazine says. Mrs Bryant, who lives in southern Tasmania, says one of her deepest regrets is agreeing to persuade her son to plead guilty.

"My poor Martin," she says. "He couldn't have shot all those people down at Port Arthur. He didn't have the brains to do it."

Bryant's former defence lawyer John Avery paints a different picture. "His only regret afterwards was that he didn't shoot more (people)," he told The Bulletin. "This was not a situation that got out of hand. It went as he pretty much intended."

Interesting, no?

This case got ignored by much of the world, but some folks haven't forgotten the inconsistencies. I'm really not going to open that old wound on this thread, but I'm sure more information is available on the web for people interested in this case.

One more comment that I need to make, regarding this specific article, is the way it paints the defense attorney. I've always thought he was compromised, and working against the best interests of his client. This article certainly does paint a nasty picture of him, doesn't it?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 05:17 PM
There are still plenty here who dont believe the whole truth has ever emerged regarding this terrible event.

It does need to be noted that this was the catalyst for our govt reforming gun laws. Or basically outlawing them. The first step, some believe, in creating a populace unable to fight back!

Dont really believe this myself but the govt definately used this tragedy to there own advantage.

It does still get discussed here , at least in the circles that i associate with.

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