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tales from a traveller

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:48 PM
this particular thread is about travelling and tales from it! iam not usally around ats so feel free to post comments and stories here
by the way, its slightly psheidelic

i travel. thats what i do. my life is moving to one area, making a stake and then moving on. this is a tale from when i was travelling though a big forest, south of the city of kiht.

it started to get dark as i entered the woodland, and i stumbled in my tired step. the darkness incircled me, and i felt sleepy. i knew i had to go on though. the king of kiht had not taken kindly to me and his daughters relationship. i plodded on, knowing the army was after me. the forest drew me in, and i felt even more tired. i leaned against a tree trunk and closed my eyes.
i wondered when i would see jade again. probably never. i smiled, remembering the soft warmth of her touch on my skin.
the pursuit sounded behind. dogs barked, wolfs howed, and men grunted. i hurried on. the darkness was now my freind. the men could not see me, but the dogs could smell me. i fell face first into the soft leaves of the forest floor. it was one of those moments. i looked up at the night sky, knowing i would see nothing, but to my surprise, saw a tiny pin pick of light. i stared, momentarly forgeting. the light grew. and grew... and grew, until the forest was not longer in darkness. i heard the shouts of the men as they retreated before the white light.
It hugged me. she hugged me.
"i love you jade"i whispered.
"but thats a love that can never be" an unknown voice answered.
the light faded. a man was kneeling over me.
"drink this. it will give you strengh" he pressed a cup to my lips. i drank. i felt the warmth passing throw my body.
i sat up. i was on a grassy plain. the sun shone down upon my face and body, and there was not a cloud in the sky. i lone tree stood in the middle of this flat land, and as my eye roved to the horzin, i saw nothing acept this errie landscape.
"who are you and where am i?"
the stanger laughed. "iam who you want me to be, and you are in a place you are always at."
"stop talking in riddles" i demanded, starting to panic "answer the question"
am afraid i cant blue_sky_9.
i took a good look at the stranger, and looked at his face. it was me!
i took several steps back. i paniced
"who are you?"
"am you" the stranger said with my lopsided smile.
"where am i?"
"i cant tell you that, but i think its written on the tree"
i ran to the tree; but it kept getting futher away. i ran faster. i reached out to touch it, but it jumped way ahead of me.
i appeared next to me.
"you cant. i could never."
i ran at the tree agian, but this time i jumped.
i jumped into a chasm! i felt myselt falling. the land above me floated away as if it where moving, not i.
i began to slow. the sky was a pinkish glow with clouds. i fell on to one of these clouds, but insead of going through it, i stopped, floating on this cloud. it was warm. i stood up. the cloud had the same texture as that of cotton wall. i looked over the edge. there was no ground below me. just a top and bottomless sky.
on the horizin, i could see a ballon. without thinking, i shouted.
"hey! over here! help! help!"
the ballon grew bigger and i could see that there was no one on board. i rope ladder streched across the void. i climed on, and made my way across. ther e was a door, where i had not seen one before!

iam tired now, so this is to be continued!!


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