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NASA Executive in trouble for going where no man has gone before…Or at least shouldn’t go…

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 10:53 AM
I know this is not directly about exploration, but its news that certainly effects the industry.

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe

MARCH 31--The Washington headquarters of NASA was raided this week as part of a kiddie porn probe targeting an executive with the space agency, The Smoking Gun has learned. On Wednesday morning, federal investigators seized a laptop computer, a hard drive, CDs, and other material from the office of James Robinson, who was present when agents with NASA's inspector general executed a search warrant at his E Street office. According to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, Robinson, 42, used his office computer (and another in his Virginia home) to trade and examine illegal image and videos…

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