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ID Cards Compulsory in UK by 2010 - Official

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:02 PM
Landis - I appreciate your comments

Do NOT apologise for Bush's tactics it is not your fault mate

DrBones666 - You have it correct - microchipping is their plan and it needs to be resisted in whatever way possible UK or OZ we are together on this

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:21 PM
What gives them the right to stop us leaveing the country if we dont have an ID card?

Democracy is bull#! Instead of putting the vote to the blatently corrupt house of commons they should let the people speak for ourselves if we are realy a free country. Maybe if they had done that with the iraq war, the world wouldnt be in the mess it is today.

Then again they'd probably just rig the vote. The wankers!

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:24 PM
anyone who values their freedom should not be in favour of this for any reason what so ever.

so as the song goes...GET UP STAND UP..STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT


posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:43 PM
yea about 80% are agains it, this was the result of an open university poll, up from 40% a year ago. (government funded!)

the more people learn what is REALLY about, the more they are against it
those of us who have done the real research into it at 110% against it.

doesnt seem to matter though...
is it a democracy if we just elect someone who tells us what to do and he gets those orders from above? im confused just because we elected him doesnt make that a democracy.

Blair is a Bliar, thats been proved. But this ramming through of this makes him a pillock

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 09:46 PM
i doubt if we even elected blair to power now that ive read up on the whole NWO secret sociaty thing. it sickens me when i think of them talking about freedom and democracy when its greed and power that make their world go round.

i dont think we, the people have the ability, resources to oust them, we just have the numbers. maybe if we knew who the cowards in the shadows were then we could but they've made themselves so hard to find we wouldnt know where to start.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 12:00 AM
Its rather easy actually, most people in positions of power are in on it, I'm talking about pretty much every government all throughout the world..

The chain of commands leads all the way to about 15 families who collectively own about 95% of the worlds resources, and as for a name that in my opinion doesn't get spoken about enough for fears of anti semitism, Rothschild...Rothschild Rothschild Rothschild......

I am far from anti semitic, but I am anti zionist, these false jews give real followers of Judaism a bad name.....

As well as them however, you're looking at major political families in the US like the Kennedy's, as well as underling families like the Bush's etc, if you look far enough, most of them are actually related through blood as well as ritual.

In Europe you're also looking at families like the Windsors, (or should I say Saxe-Couburg-Gothes?)..... most royal families are in on it at the top, or very near the top.

For the record, we don't live in a democratic society, its more like a form of Corporate Feudalism..

So yeah, I have no idea what we're going to do to fix it, but I will resist the ID card as much as possible, I will resist any government trying to take my DNA, and when the time comes, I will probably die fighting whoever wants to put a microchip in me.

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posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 07:24 AM
i doubt you will dr bones, dieing for something takes enormous motivation.

the chip will be made very easy to take, the vast majority will go along with it.

In social studies they reveal the %s of people who hold different attitudes, i cant remember exactly but its about 30-40-30
30 will go along with anything, 40 will look for reassurance, 30 will be extremely suspitious of government. So thats 70% who will take it guaranteed, then it depends on how many of that 30% go along with it as well.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 07:59 AM
I just hope that people wake up to the reality of the situation - i.e. the ongoing agenda of mass control - and vote for a new government next election time

At least this may delay the ID card system which is a stepping stone to human microchipping

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 10:01 AM
You Brits should oppose this vehemently.

Organize and protest.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 10:04 AM
yea, i wish it would work. the house of lords has opposed only not forcing it on us for a few more years, and they argued that all night.

its not just the uK though, if you are in the US its in the driving licences

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 10:15 AM
I agree with you ElTiante, this must definately be protested before it gets underway

AdamJ - do you think this is evidence of a 'hidden hand'?

What I mean is, is it being forced onto us by persons unseen - NWO, Illuminati etc

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 10:59 AM
If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear

I truly hate this statement. I saw a great program on ID cards recently here in the UK. I believe the program was called dispatches and was on channel 4 but it may may been on ITV1 and been the Trevor McDonald Program.

Ok so these two men are having a drink in the pub. One man goes to the toilet and slips over, he grabs hold of a cistern on his way down and it comes away from the wall. He went out and informed the manager/owner what had happened and offered to pay for the damage. The manager called the police and they arrested him and his friend.

From here on it is the friend that we should be interested in. They were both taken to the station and as per usual procedure in the UK they ad their name, address, fingerprints and DNA sample taken. Both men were released after it was obvious that it was all an accident and the guy had offered to pay.

Two weeks later the friend of the man who had damaged the cistern saw two police officers walking up his garden. Thinking it was to do with the pub he opened the door only to find himself under arrest. What for? Well it turned out his fingerprints and DNA had been linked to an unsolved crime. He was taken to the station and accused of stealing mail frm the letter boxes of some flats.

HE asked what the addresses of the flats were and they told him. It turned out his fingerprints were on the mail in question because he had sent some people there christmas cards!

An important point is that his lawyer may have missed that. This man was well versed on his rights and the law. If his lawyer had missed it (which is very possible) then he would have been charged and the fingerprints and DNA would have been iron clad proof of his guilt.

This is only a minor example but it proves that you could be charged and imprisoned for something you didn't do.

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear ,what utter rubbish.

Oh and just to add this. My friends DNA is in the database (yes actually my friend). He had been out and was very drunk, he was absolutely bursting for a pee and so decided to go behind a bush. Please note he tried to find a secluded place and didn't just go against a wall. The police arrested him and he now has a record for indecent exposure. I don't quite know how because no one else was around until the police saw him. If they police are counting themselves as the witnesses to it then i think they should be arrested for being peeping toms lol. Seriously though he now has that on his record which sounds VERY bad to any employer and his DNA on the database. It's understandable though, as we all know the most hardened criminals started by peeing behind a bush, he's an obvious threat.

The ID cards issued in the UK during World War 2 were kept for a while after the war. The people then decided to do away with them as they were a hindrance, useless and were against their ideas of privacy. We fought that war for democracy and part of democracy is surely privacy? Obviously our older generation thought so and they were the ones who had fought for it.

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posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 11:41 AM
Yes to be honest I hear alot of talk about American tyranny by our leaders and the ever growing police state, but that is simply founded on silly assumptions. It appears now, and always that it is Britain which has been becoming the police state for quite some time. I man lets be serious. You are not even allowed to own any firearms, above a .22 I believe. You have more cameras watching your public than I bet North Korea does. And now you are being forced to have a national identification, which can be good or bad.

The american government already has my DNA because I was an asshole teenager and I have been convicted of felonies and jailed. The only thing I am against is if I am required to carry it on me at all times. Knowing Britai this will be the case. Seriously you guys need to get rid of that queen. Banish her from your coutry or something. Oh wait you don't have any firearms anymore

I really feel sorry for you guys, because orwells world will become a reality there far sooner than any other civilized western nation.

At least here in America, the country is so large you can rally enough people in a given location to fight and perhaps destabalize the nation into a civil war. I would rather live in chaos than in Britain in 10 years.

Look if you guys really dion't want these things, just organize huge rallies where you burn them in public areas. And if the police beat you down, start rioting. They will have to cave or begin murdering your population. I tell you if they start doing that than we'll just have to liberate and bring democracy to Britain too.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by DYepes
I man lets be serious. You are not even allowed to own any firearms, above a .22 I believe. You have more cameras watching your public than I bet North Korea does. And now you are being forced to have a national identification, which can be good or bad.

With a firearms license and proof of needing one you can have a .308 rifle i think it is. It's needed for control of deer populations. With a shotgun certificate you can own well shotguns, but no pump actions allowed.

Pistols are prohibited above .22 and then only for sport shooters competing in professional sports. Actually i am not to sure about this one anymore i think it might have changed and maybe no pistols are allowed now. There was a hand gun ban but i thought .22 was exempt under certain situations.

Air rifles are also being talked about being licensed. IT's shocking really, i am all up for raising the age limit on them but licensing is truly stupid. Someone like myself who buys a £500 rifle doesn't use it to shoot cats and young children.

It's again a stage towards trying to remove all arms from responsible people.

The american government already has my DNA because I was an asshole teenager and I have been convicted of felonies and jailed. The only thing I am against is if I am required to carry it on me at all times. Knowing Britai this will be the case. Seriously you guys need to get rid of that queen. Banish her from your coutry or something. Oh wait you don't have any firearms anymore

This isn't the queens ideas it's Tony Blairs and his pitiful excuse for a government. The queen is actually quite a mute power in many areas of law now. Although i believe she still has considerable power concerning land.

I really feel sorry for you guys, because orwells world will become a reality there far sooner than any other civilized western nation.

Our citys are littered wth cameras. You wouldn't actually believe it and most people don't notice. Go to varies citys and look up and around you and i guarentee you will see more cameras in that 360 degree spins then you will at euro disney.

Look if you guys really dion't want these things, just organize huge rallies where you burn them in public areas. And if the police beat you down, start rioting. They will have to cave or begin murdering your population. I tell you if they start doing that than we'll just have to liberate and bring democracy to Britain too.

If you are American then you won't bring much here no offense but freedom isn't your strong suit. That aside (i couldn't resist the little poke there sorry), our laws are so draconian that rioting and protests don't work anymore. The government sees a protest, laughs and then does whatever it wants. It's rare we get our own way and if they have something they want pushed through then they will get it in the end.

Let's also remember that most people in this country simply don't care about what their government is doing. I am 20 and most people i speak to between the ages of 15 and 25 really don't care. They don't vote, they don't read, they don't give a damn. They get their news from the tv and give little thought to things like freedom. They think the government know best, they also seem to think we serve the government, which really worries me.

[edit on 1-4-2006 by ImaginaryReality1984]

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 12:23 PM
It may be me being blind to the truth here, but surely these cameras are there for the good of the country rather than bad?? Many of these people who actually critisise them may actually rely on them one day, I mean image walking home and you get mugged, I'm sure they will be one of the first people to praise cameras for capturing the criminal.. or wait is it his human rights not to be watched? pfff

Secondly, I would like to comment on I.D cards, I really don't like the thought of them but then again can the Government actually track you on a daily basis? Fair enough if you leave the country but no actual day to day use of the card will be needed.. or unless i'm unaware of something?? We won't have to swipe it or officially show it when completing official documents.

Thirdly, I think the gun law in Britain is fine and I feel pellet/BB guns should be licensed, I mean like you say you buy a £500 gun.. surely if you are willing to pay that much you would also be able to get a liscence for a small price? Gun should be illegal, I think the Americans are far too trigger happy, the thought of being able to buy a gun in a mall is a scary thought, especially the amount of weirdos you see.

Good last post by the way imagineryReality1984..

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 12:28 PM
Hello All. I have read alot of stuff on this great site in the past few days, and then I read all of this and I had to register and start giving my input.
I have to say, that I absolutely agree with all of you.
I am 21, and I live in the US. I beleive that the government of the world is sending us to 'Hell in a handbasket' if you will...
The things they are doing, and getting away with, and absolutely insane.

What ever happened to people standing up and fighting for what they beleive?
Are all of us afraid to stand up to another person when it comes to our views?
If you were to park your car one day, and a man came up and wouldnt let you out of your door, just standing there, would you just sit there? Or would you kick that door open and let him know where he stands?

I think everything going on these days is crazy. There has to be something that can be done. This isnt just about the ID, but that really helps add to the pile. I think they have no right to do that, and if the chip comes, that is when I grab guns and head for the hills. You can wave goodbye to life as you know it. Like I stated earlier, I am 21 years old, and honestly, I have over the past few years re-thought my dreams about some day having a family. The reason? Less people I have to worry about if things hit the fan, and its time to fight.

There has to be something to do. Why are people all over the world so stupid and gullible? There has to be a way to get to them.
People beleive everything the media tells them.
I have read so many stories about the government 'Shutting Up' people that try to voice theyre opinion, and we cant let this happened. We are being treated like children, and we will lose our lives and all freedom as we know it if we dont start fighting back. If you were able to band together, all over the world, as citizens, we have more than enough power to change the government. Im not sure about all over the world, but I know about here... And I beleive that if it came down to it, the entire country vs. the government, i dont think our soldiers would fight us. And if they would, so be it.

We cant sit back and let the government take everything from us, and I speak for every man woman and child, on any continent, of any race and religion. If we as a people have a problem, we should be able to handle it. We are human, we are supposed to be the toughest thing on this planet. What happened to that?
If you ever want a good life, and your privacy, then we all need to figure out how to change the world. It will only get worse, and the more people, the more of a chance we have.

A side note to what I have said, anyone here ever read the essay titled 'Assasination Politics'?

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 12:39 PM
I do not wish to ridicule your post. Sounds alot like you are wanting to incite violence.. is this the case? Are you willing to stand up and fight the army if the worst comes to the worst??

If we as a nation did win and overthrow the Government.. what then?? I'm more than sure this country would revolt in anarchy. In any country a certain discipline is needed, no policing or no army with the nation then the country is vulnerable.

I'm sure a more diplomatic approach is needed, afterall the Government is there to represent the people so surely a peacful revolt would be more appropriate? And how do you intend to raise this support? many people have the 'Aslong as i'm alright approach' to life and are quite happy in a certain euphoria of their own. I am almost certain any revolt would be immediately quashed and 'order' restored. The only way people may open their eyes if protestors were shot (or something equally as bad).. thing is i'm not too keen on getting shot and i'm sure most people wouldn't volunteer.. Unless you would like to??

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 01:09 PM
Thanks for all your views

My main point for starting this thread is not to ask 'are ID cards good or bad?' but to bring to people's attention that the way the ID card has now become law in the UK against the wishes of the people is (to my mind anyway) clear evidence of a global conspiracy to monitor and control the general population

I also believe that:
They (whoever 'they' are) are scared of us
The old methods of control (religion, debt, etc) are no longer working
People are waking up to the lies
Soon we will reach critical mass (look up 'hundredth monkey syndrome' good example here
That is why 'they' want us under control ASAP
They will not win - good will triumph (eventually)
In the end, there is nothing to fear

We all have a hand in triggering this paradigm shift - spread the word, talk to people, let them know the truth so that the veil of reality may be lifted from their clouded eyes.

We are achieving change just by being open minded and talking to each other. Keep it up ATS users!

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 01:25 PM
Im sorry about that, I didnt mean to impose that I want violence.
All I seem to see is that, after the government takes all control, knows your every move, takes all of your freedom, then what?
Are they not doing it for some reason?
I mean, as far as standpoints are concerned, I am the young tattooed truck driving gun toting American that americans are reffered to, lol, but even then, I dont beleive terrorists are nearly as big of a threat as they are portrayed. Just my opinion.
But I beleive it is the government that is the threat to us, and to everything we live for and enjoy in life. And the way to reach people is to burst that bubble of euphoria, you have to scare people. The governments of all nations are scaring theyre citizens into giving up all freedoms out of fear of terrorism.
We have to scare them, and let them know that if they buy into it, they are screwed. The only solid evidence I see of middle eastern terrorists being a threat, is to the westerners that are over there. We dont need to be there, so of course theyre ticked off. I would hate us too. If middle eastern countries invaded us and locked us down, dont you think we would be kind of ticked off too? Its all politics nontheless... Whatever... Point is, who knows how bad it will get? Yes, It will all turn out to be okay, but the road to freedom and peace looks like a very tough one, to say the least. And if we allow ourselves to be stripped of our natural freedoms and our rights, then we are going to be just as effective (at getting our life back) as a dog barking to get him out of a kennel. Wont work.
Is anyone else aware of the camps that have been set up all over the US? as well as other nations. Camps, on our own soil. Look into it.
Im just saying, if doomsday comes, and I am starting to beleive it will, I dont beleive it has anything to do with God vs. Satan. I think God backs us, and the people trying to ruin us are the Satan. And if it comes down to it, and it is either go to camp or fight as long as you can, yes, i will fight. I would fight to the death if that is the need be before I ever let someone put a chip in me or my family, or put my mom or grandmother in a Camp. So to answer that question, Yes, I am willing. I beleive we are here on earth to succeed, not to succomb, over evil.

But, in the first place, I wasnt trying to incite violence. Of course we need a form of law enforcement. For the most part, not all of it, but the most part, law enforcement as far as regular police goes are doing a pretty good job. Any higher branch of government than that, I dont trust.
I dont mean that we need to 'overthrow' the government. But we need to make an impact, and a hard one. Standing on the sidewalk or putting a letter in the mailbox will not get us anywhere these days. We have to walk up the lawn, and kick the door in. Just let people know we are serious, and we are still humans, and no one should be able to tell us how our lives will be played out, and what we can and cant do. This not including the obvious, crime is crime. But you should have your freedom, indefinately. Otherwise, you can consider yourself that same old dog in a kennel.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 01:46 PM
Yes, I agree completely about the terrorist scare tactics.. people relying more and more on Goverments because of this 'increased' threat. Scary stuff. I also feel other devices are used to scare people.. such as bird flu completely emphasised by the media. George bush even stated that if such a crisis were to hit the US a new policy has been passed where the military can forcibly take control of the country.. scary stuff eh?? It could happen over the next few month and these camps may actually be put in use.. who knows?? For the mean time however i'm going to stay open minded and watch how things develop. Unfortunately i'm more of a follower that leader but if anything does happen I think it is everyones duty to stand up and be counted.

Good post

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