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Multiple Warhead, Anti-Air Defence avoiding missile

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 07:54 AM
Just heard this on the news: Apparently a nation that is allied or at least not on bad terms with the U.S. has developed a missile that can hit multiple targets, has the ability to activly avoid anti-missile defence systems, and is able to avoid radar.

Yes, dammit, I have looked at, but I do not think the Fajr 3 is what I am looking for. The -3 is able to aviod radar, but I cannot find any references to multiple warheads, and it was also developed in the 1980's or something by N.K. I believe this new one is new (well, duh).

What the hell is this missile? Not Shahab-3, btw. Ballistic missiles are not all that good at radar avoidance.

And also, how can a missile actively avoid anti-missile defences? It would have to passivly detect everything, as a radar would be a dead giveaway, and it would then have to actually jink to break lock or whatever. I don't see how a little computer could calculate all those problems. Could someone enlighten me here?
Or is it just as simple as flying low enough to provide free haircuts?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:34 AM
dear wtr
It is certainly the just-tested iranian missile that is suposed to do all that.

From what I could understand from iranian sources is that it's not a new missile afterall, the term "new missile" is referred to a new warhead which could be attached to any missile systems in Iranian arsenal. I do not know how a new warhead could evade radar. someone could clarify me on that!?

the video clip, Iranian TV showed while reporting on this new missile, was simply the launching of an Iranian shahab 3 missile, nothing new. but at the very end of the clip, multiple warheads(5,6) could be seen as hitting the ground.

shahab 3 was launched from coast, and it was heading towards sea, so I do not know how her multiple warheads could have hit the mountain, as seen at the end of the clip.

The technology is supposed to be completely new, without copying any other missile systems, but the only thing special about this weapon is, I guess, its capability to carry multiple warheads.

Television had said the type of missile tested was called Fajr-3 but Salami, the missile command of the air force of the Revolutionary Guards, did not name the new weapon or give the missile's range, saying it depended on the warhead weight. He said it was a defensive weapon.

It's probably a long range missile, designed to evade israeili ARROW II anti-missile system.

Accompanying the report of the test, state television showed footage of a single missile being launched from land. The television report also described it as a "long-range missile."

According to, Farjr 3 is a 240 mm artillery rocket with a 25 mile range. iranians have a bit of reputation for calling different weapons systems same. eg. Iranian locally made tank is called "Zulfaghar" but is also used to name a locally made missile boat. or the term "raad" is used to name both a trainer jet and a ATGM.

Iran has been working on another missile, called the Kosar, that would be undetectable by radar and designed to sink ships in the Gulf

one more thing to add to my post is that Salami was quoted as saying that new sophisticated weapon systemS will be tested in the coming days during the military manouvre


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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 09:30 PM
Ahh, thank you very much. I just wanted to know.

And at the end, you mentioned that it would be tested in a military manouver. From what I heard, it was, in a naval mock-up battle.

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