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Calling for any1 in LEEDS area (PARTY!!!!)

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 06:59 AM
Basement party featuring up and coming Leeds bands
1st April (2mrow) party at 97 Brudenell Road Hyde park leeds, no its not an April fool before you ask.

Any one welcome from Aliens to Politicians
Overseas people more than welcome, any hot ladies more than welcome.
Any speakers on the Paranormal/UFO's/Conspiracy’s/socialism more than welcome to come and give a short 20 min speech after the bands have played.

Bands to play at the moment are as follows:

8:00 - A guy called Marcus
8:30 - Jack 'Raven' King
9:00 - Grasshopper
9:45 - The Smokestacks
10:30 - Spitfire Charlie
11:15 - The Acutes
00:00 - Pushbike Army
00:45 - Vatican Jet
01:30 - No-one Met Walter
+ more unannounced pissed up ppl playing covers in the small hours

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