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Can Real Psychics detect aliens???

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 06:13 AM
Ok folks this is a question I have, hope there are some real psychics around the forum to answer this question. Do pyschics can detect aliens?? I mean if they can see the energy from a person (aura) and some ghosts, they could surely see aliens too isnt?? (well maybe their ships when they are cloaked because it emanates energy) or the aliens itslefs (they have too to emanate some kind of energy like our Aura???)...could they detect them more easily than a normal person?

I know the question is too wide but maybe some psychics around the forum can tell us their experience with the alien issue isnt??.. At least that could be fun

Hope to get some answers...

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:52 PM
Weither or not they can, or are willing to admit are two different things.

If they don't think aliens exist but feel something they might just be like "hmmm feels like bad spirit".

Senses are not universal, some might be sharper then others.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 10:06 PM
Well yes but i just wanted to know if any around here that have this gift (psychic) could have come forward and tell their side of this story, maybe at least we can learn more about this
I just hope somebody from here could actually come and tell their story on this point of view

I am kind of psychic and i can see energy in this natural way (not entirely but let say 50%) and i can sense it, i have seen stuff all around us still i dont think this are aliens (mostly could be spirits or just plain energy) but sometimes i can see this oval shapes in the sky flying around day or night, it doesnt matter and they fly really low in reality (maybe 10 to 20 mts above houses). When i started to see this stuff i got really afraid, i was thinking O My God maybe i have a brain tumor! (I did ihave a cousing who died form brain tumor
), indeed i went to see a neurologist and he recomend me to do TAC (well that's the spanish name of the exam, i live in Mexico), It's like in the USA when they put you in a machine and they take pictures of your brain. Anyway i was really afraid after the exmans thinking at the night, My God if I have a tumor??..what could I do??..anyway i went next day and get the exam results, go to see my neurologist and see what he was going to tell me.

I went there and the neorulogist told me first: this is just to see what can be causing this, I dont take drugs, i am a light drinkers (3 or 4 beers a week) I smoke cigarrets a little (means like 2 or 3 a day)...anyway the doctor first told me if in reality if would have a tumor you dont get to see the doctor in that good shape ( 5 senses), tumors he told me when you have them in your brain you dont feel them, you dont have any pain at all, then one day when the tumor grows really big maybe you loose some of your eyesight or cant move part of your body or like that, you dont go in your 5 sense. Anyway he saw my exam, and He told me " Do you see any strange thing in the pictures"?? I was like heck i am not a neurologist how the hell i am going to know??..,.anyway i look carefully and i dint see anything out of order, ordinary brain scans...I told him " well as far i can tell i dont see anything strange"...and the doctor said to me " well your are right i cant see anything unusual, no tumor , nothing , nada" i was like Ohh My God why do i sense energy or see sometimes auras and like that??? the doctor just prescribe some pills and that's it... I was feeling more good and happy.

Still i can see auras and energy...that's why i am asking this questions really.


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