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Inner World Of The Occult - Jordan Maxwell - Video Included.

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 04:09 AM
Ok, 3 hours long, he takes a bit of time to warm up, at about 30mins into this video is where it starts to get interesting.

I had not heard much about his guy before now, it seems David Icke has got alot of his research/idea's from this guy.

He talks about where we get a lot of our words and meanings from, and how "joe public" is being manipulated BIG TIME.
Here's the video-

I am very interested in who really runs this world, and going back to our perception of history, and what really happened.
i Believe in God, the creator of all things, but religion has basically ruined our world we live in today, caused countless wars, and fought in the name of.
I know at the root of most religions, love is the key, but it obviously has not worked, anyway that's my rant on religion, back on topic.

We know the Nazi's were into their occult, and the Illuminati use the occult to channel certain energies etc.

I just wonder where the "Alien" issue fits in with all this?
Obviously there must be different species with different attitudes, so some may collude with the illuminati etc, and some might oppose this and believe in a more positive, spiritual evolvement, with humanity's best interests at heart.

So, if the few control the many, how can we break free truly.
Icke says devine love is the only truth, everything else is a illusion.
And in the past when the people have risen up against something, a revolution, what takes over is not any better, as the past has shown.

So what are we to do, how can we truly break free?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 06:11 AM
Jordan talks, like Icke, about phallic symbols going right through history and tied with masonic symbols.

Now the Twin Towers, i know was a target because of its financial representation and the west, but were they phallic symbols? and if so why were they destroyed and by whom.

I know all the current conspiracies attached to this.
But if you just look at it as phallic symbols, then was there a meaning in destroying them?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 06:21 AM
The only meaning I can find, is if they were some how thought to be connected with the towers of Babel.

As those were destroyed, so too were the twins of trade.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:55 AM
A problem with looking for phallic symbols in the world is similar to the problem of interpreting phallic symbols in dreams. Somes, a cigar is just a cigar, as they say.

I mean, what skyscraper couldn't be thought of as a phallic symbol?

In a particularly loose interpretation, anything that has been 'erected' can be said to be a phallic symbol too.

I think a more interesting attachment to the bin Ladin/WTC attack is that, once again, as in many myths, we have the mythic 'hero' (hero for the jihadis anyway) being associated with Towers. Jesus is crucified on a cross. Innana the sumerian goddess is hung from a pole. Orpheus is, in one representation, shown crucified too, and there are many gods and heros that are juxtaposed with a long and tall 'thing' standing upright. Jack and the Beanstalk would be a more folkloric represenation, and we have stories about shamans going on magical journeys by riding trees that grow into the heavens.

So perhaps we have a real world event that has the makings of a huge mythic event, Bin Ladin and the Towers.

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