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Why do aliens want to abduct us?

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:11 AM
- Why would they want to abduct us?
- What do they hope to gain?
- What kinds of people do they abduct?
- What do you do to make sure you never get abducted?
- Can you get abducted and not know about it?

These are some questions that I have been wondering about.

I think that the most plausable explanation for abduction is to carry out tests that will benefit them, maybe to develop their own medical techniques? Or they are doing this so that they canfind ways of becoming like us so that they can live amongst us and control us? Or maybe they are our guardians and they are the ones who caused the sudden development of early man's brain and so they feel that some people need to be punished (for seeing them or somthing)? Actually this would be a very unfair thing to say for those who have been abducted, sorry.

I think they would abduct people who live alone, or have some sort of special characteristics (they leave their back doors open or they have a certain genetic characteristic or physical aspect).

I think to avoind being abducted, keep a weapon close by, keep an animal or two in the house (the more the merryer). Lock up the whole house tight. Live in a densely populated area. Live in Sydney - Australia where aliens don't appear to have any interest.

As for knowing or not knowing about being abducted, alot of people may not even know that they had been abducted, as most people who remember being abducted were awake before it happened or woke up somehow.

What can you all tell me about this.

Oh and please don't be angry at me, I don't mean to offend.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:45 AM
Why do you think that they want to abduct us?
Anyone want to reply?

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 04:01 AM
Maybe because we are crunchy and taste good with katsup?

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