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The Instigators and the Agitators

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posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 11:58 PM
What is still largely unknown to the people of the world, certainly unappreciated is the degree to which people are planted or cultivated as instigators or agitators in world events.

On the Laura Lee radio talk show in 2005 a Catholic priest clearly stated that a recent gathering of Jesuit Leaders was specifically to information them that early Catholicism was responsible for deliberately fabricated Islam. The inference at least to me is that those behind Catholicism, having a strong desire to control the populations of the entire Middle East and failing to find a sufficient commonality to manipulate proceeded to give them a cause so they could then manipulate them. IE Mohammed was introduced to cultivate a pseudo religion / social movement. When you look at Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and others you find the common thread of marketing scams driving their social and world addenda's.

It is fairly well known that Stalin, Himler, Castro and Mao had childhood associations with Catholicism and the Jesuits. That the Jesuits lead the Priest half of the Priest Class and Money Lender merger known as the Illuminati. That pre 1900 the Jesuits have been thrown out of many of the countries of the world for attempted overthrow of governments. That a class of Jesuit priests known as co-adjunct priests infiltrate society from the corporate and political world to the entertainment industry. That people like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones who actively promote hedonism and the degradation of the human existence along with Quinten Tarrantino who promote violence and many others are Co-Adjunct Jesuit priests.

A recent book "Hitler was a British Spy" picks up where others have left off conveying the information that Hitler was trained in Mesmerism in Britain around 1912. Communism is another pseudo cause fabricated and instigated upon populations with Jesuit origins specifically to cultivate a pacified world population. Another powerful branch of the Vatican, the Money handlers of the Vatican known as the knights of Malta include in their ranks Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Out so called president GW Bush comes from a family that is a strong arm of the Illuminati. GW Bush exhibits many signs of being a Genuine died in the wool Illuminati Child Tortured mind control slave. Bill Clinton was educated at Jesuit George Town University. Most of the Apollo astronauts where masons or high masons and the head of staffing for the missions was the brother of the Supreme Commander of all 33rd degree masons. JFK Likewise came from a Jesuit trained family. Ronald Reagan was a 33 degree mason as other presidents have been.

It is also somewhat common knowledge that the end of the so-called “Civil Rights” movement of the 60s was really due to the exposure of the communist/Jesuit conspiracy behind the movement.

But that addresses mostly people planted and cultivated with some degree of knowledge. Others are cultivated simply because their hair brained schemes or event talent served the purpose indirectly. The Beatles for example came to prominence only a few months after the JFK assassination. Serving the purpose of a diversion for a good ten years along with the Vietnam War, free love and other forms of misdirection. This is not unlike terrorism, Lacy Peterson, Martha Stewart and Michael Jackson.

The best view to have in my opinion is to watch the movie 1984 and accept the fact that we are in fact living in that world today. That almost all events are staged. IE faked/arranged for the ultimate purpose of manipulated humanity and keeping it off balance. In all martial arts a well-established path to victory is taking your opponents balance and keeping them off balance. Any pickpocket will tell you that to steal a person’s wallet you first have to steal their attention. Planting and cultivating individuals, and through them arranging circumstances, events and perpetuations is one of the foundations of world control.


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