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ATS Free Avatars

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posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 10:28 PM
ATS Free Avatar Threads.

So you need an avatar? You are in the right place.


Below you will find a list of threads created by ATS members who enjoy making avatars for their fellow members. The best thing to do is to scan through the threads and decide which artist you prefer to make your avatar.

Avatars take time to make and when 4 different artists make four different avatars for the same member it isn't really fair to the artists.
So please be considerate. If you don’t prefer a particular artist you should use this thread,
Get yourself an Avatar (picture by your name).

If you do like a particular artist please visit their own threads and make a request or request via U2U.

If you need help setting up your avatar, please visit this thread.
AVATAR: The Ultimate Help

Avatar Threads
(In Alphabetical Order)

Avatar Ala Trance.......... (Tranceopticalinclined)
Avatars and Signatures by 12m8keall2c
Avatars by Alienanderson
Avatars by chissler
Avatars by JAK
Avatars 4 Anyone (semperfortis)
Avatar Garage Sale (EnronOutrunHomerun)
Bands and Musicians Avatars
Beginners Avatars
Some avatars and other stuff (Nygdan)


If you want to be on this list (or off) please send me an U2U.
Threads with no activity for 6 months will have to be removed from the list.

So now you have an avatar! Go get it rated at Game: Rate the Avatar above You 1 to Ten.


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