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US Presidential Candidates: The anti-candidate

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posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:36 PM
What if a dissatisfied US Senator took to the Senate floor and said this;

"You know, alot of you have tried to call me out. I said I was against the highway bill, the medicare bill, the support the troops bill, the education bill. You've gone on TV and trashed my reputation by saying that if it benefits America, Im against it.

The real reason I voted aganst those bills is because by the time you (bleep) were done adding all the crap to it, they didnt look the highway bill or the medicare bill anymore. They looked more like the bunch-of-crap-bill with some highway or medicare stuff added to it.

For good measure.

And I swear to God, if you bang that gavel one more time and tell me to come to order, Im going to walk right up to you and knock your (bleep) teeth out.

Let me tell you something, Seantors. Let me say something to all you sellouts. All 99 of you.

I quit.

(The senators clap and cheer)

You go ahead and celebrate.

(They continue)

Clap until your hands get sore. I can wait.

(They continue) (One screams, get out of here ya bum)

Love you to John. Tell your wife AND the hooker you slept with last week I said hello. Dont mess with me or I'll stand here and read THIS piece of paper. This paper in my hand the names of hookers and prostitues that do business with some of you. And it has your names to. So keep it up.

Im going to reccommend that the people I represent dont replace me. That way, there will only be 99 sellouts here and not 100. Because you (bleep) will make absolutely certain that I am replaced by a sellout just like you.

And the poeple I represent would be better off not represented at all then to be represented by the likes of you.

Now Senators, I have one last thing Im going to say. And your not gonna like it.

Im running for President. And if I win, dont you even think about disputing the election. If you do, I'll call on the people that voted for me to pick up there firearms and pay you a visit. In the states that I win, I'll call on their national gaurd. And I'll request they make a little trip to Washington. To visit with you.

Seantors, if I win the election, the very first thing I will do as President is march all 99 of you out of here with your hands in the air. Because every single one of you in this room is a crook.

Course, if I win the election, there wont be a single senator in this building. You'll all be in hiding like the crooks and cowards you really are.

Not a one of you in here is capable of making a stand unless there involves a personal gain for you.

Go ahead and celebrate my resignation. Because if I win the White House, you'll never have a reason to celebrate again."

He'd get my vote.


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