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Scared to fall sleep

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posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 08:30 PM
I would like to share with you my expeirience of the whole sleep paralysis thing.

I dont remember when it first started but i would guess it was when i was in my early teens or maybe even younger. Anyway at first i'd wake up and expeirience the usual paralized except for my eyes coupled with a feeling of fear and wanting to scream but cant thing but its started to get worse gradually over the years.

I started feeling something pinning me down and although i couldn't see the thing doing this to me i knew somehow that it was evil.

About 3 months ago i was up in bed reading and began to drift of and while i was in between awake and asleep i felt what i can only describe as 2 thuds of energy hit me upside the head 1 after the other, but it gets weirder...

A couple of weeks back i was dreaming that i was in the grounds of a hotel near where i live when i saw a dark shape of a man above me then as quick as a flash this thing changed into a man made of flames and gripped me while at the same time i could feel my head vibrateing violently and a noise that i cant even describe was ringing through my ears and instead of a feeling of pinning me down i could feel this thing trying to physically enter me through my chest it was the worse feeling i have ever felt and ive had 4 guys kicking me almost to death before. This thing scared the living crap out of me and needless to say i didnt get back to sleep that night.

I dont have a clue what theese things are but ive read some posts about them on here and my feelings are that they are either demons or melevolent spirits.

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 08:40 PM
Have you been to a doctor to discuss this issue?
Have you had a sleep study preformed to see exactly what is going on with you?

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 08:45 PM
no i havent seen a doctor about it, just incase they have me commited or something

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:05 PM
Do these experiences happen in the same house? Do they happen anywhere else?

Since they began in your early teens, have you always stayed in the same house?


posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:09 PM
They will not have you committed…

It is normal to experience what seems like a malevolent entity while having an episode of sleep paralysis, so this will not shock the doctor in the least if he is read up on the subject.

Not all Doctors are familiar with sleep medicine, you need to ask your General Practitioner if he is and if not, have him refer you to a board certified sleep physician. If you are worried about what your General Practitioner is going to think of you, then keep it simple and just say, “ I have symptoms characteristic of sleep paralysis and would like a referral to a board certified sleep physician”. He might ask a question or two, but he is going to simply cut you a script referring you to another doctor…

The majority of sleep medicine doctors are Pulmonalogists, since they mainly deal with sleep disordered breathing, so if he refers you to one of these then you are on the right track. From there, they will perform a sleep study, they are going to hook you up to a bunch of wires and watch you sleep. They will monitor your heart, brain, muscle tone, breathing, movements, and Oxygen while you sleep. This will give them an indication of what you are experiencing and if it is related to medications, respiratory dysfunction, seizures, and so on. From there, it might be something as simple as giving you some medication, or adjusting the medication you are on. If it ends up that you have sleep disordered breathing, then they will put you on a machine that will help you stay in REM sleep and not wake suddenly from it, it is called a Cpap Machine.

Either way there is no reason to be afraid of going to sleep or going to a doctor to discuss this with him. You can U2U me if you want more info, or need help finding a DR in your area.

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posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:29 PM

Originally posted by JRod1984
Do these experiences happen in the same house? Do they happen anywhere else?

Since they began in your early teens, have you always stayed in the same house?

i cant remember having the expeirience any where else, i moved from livingston to queensferry when i was 14

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:32 PM
thanks for the information it was very helpfull. i think i will ask to be refered next time i see my gp. thanks

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:22 PM
Dear Elmo, your lines take me back to my early years of spiritual evolvement. For years and years since I was just a child I experienced such things, the fear of going to sleep the vivid dreams and much more.
I worked hard to understand all of this, to become who I am today, a spriritual, physical, consious person.
I never visited a "shrink" they would have locked me up, and I would never have been the fun loveing, well functioning person I am today.

Good Luck.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:37 PM
thanks for your support. i myself feel like im evolveing spiritualy. I've allways been open minded but reccently alot more so. most of my family on my mothers side were spiritually awakened somehow, some phsycic others had out of body expeiriences maybe its my celtic roots or something.

anyway thank you everyone for your comments

lets see where the road of spiritual concsiousness takes us

posted on May, 16 2006 @ 06:03 PM
by entities in my dreams and i think they do it because your at your most vulnerable state. but have you prayed when you are *in your sleep*?? i kknow it may sound silly but i used to have such dreams and still do sometimes and i could feel them tormenting me or holding me up against the ceiling, spitting on me or breathing on me (have u seen "the entity"?) anyways i can't pray in my conscience but subconciensly in mmy dreams i can hear my self praying with such ferver that i can never seem to do in the waking stage. i know it sounds strange but since i started to do that the dreams have ceased a bit. the last one i had some demon had been clawing my legs and cut me in my stomach area with a piece of glass but the blood had already been there from a cut but i don't know how it got there i remember him in anger saying something and then he said "beware of zarko" like he meant it was his name, since then i have not had one.


posted on May, 16 2006 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by vonwoolf appollonia
by entities in my dreams and i think they do it because your at your most vulnerable state. the last one i had some demon had been clawing my legs and cut me in my stomach area with a piece of glass but the blood had already been there from a cut but i don't know how it got there i remember him in anger saying something and then he said "beware of zarko" like he meant it was his name, since then i have not had one.

Dream Paralysis

Another way to end dream paralysis is to summon an animal instinct in the dream state to chase it out. I summoned the energy of the wolf in a dream and chased out the six foot spiders that were hugging me from behind in my dreams. I woke up snarling like a wolf.

The dreams were so vivid I was waking up and still seeing large spider legs draped over the front of my body and moving. I just mentioned this ability to continue dreams after waking up in the 'Is the Dream State Just As Real and Valid as being Awake?' thread. I further elucidate on where the energy comes from in my dream energy post I just made on my own 'Incoming Telepathic Negativity' thread. It comes from living people rather than demons or angels. It is obvious in real wakened life the most fear a person can have is from living people who can cause death. The enigma is why so many people continue to believe in demons and such.
The six foot spiders which caused me to keep falling asleep in my dreams and then wake up still dreaming left my mind wondering why I did no see my bedroom in the real way I see it awake. The trickery is masterful. The deceit is about as masterful as people telling you to go to war and kill because god is on your side. How many have fell for that trick throught the ages.
Stay away from the medical profession on this one if you can. It is very possible by coming to the understanding in yourself I have just mentioned, you will realize the source of your fears and this awake awareness will end the problem in your sleeping awareness.

love and peace
Honor Seed

posted on May, 22 2006 @ 10:11 PM
Well, I had that 3-4 times not to mention seing something black.

Demons ghosts spirits etc are everywhere even at anytime theyre everywhere.
You can't do #.oull probably go to sleep and then the demon will feed on your negative energy.

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 09:29 PM

There are entities such as from the movie the haunted the old one.

Sometimes there are little mystical creatures that feed on your energy at night.

If you see anything darker than the dark night in your room then you have an entitiy demon in your house.
If the walls talk or anything making noises like a hog running in your home then you have an entity.Your house is haunted just like that statue of king kamehameha when people drive by it stares and looks down at you.

They are all from hell so if you see a black thing at night or daytime or weird nioses of things wispering. then you know.

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:29 PM
Better get some weapons or grenade so if I see anything

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by Hawaii_boy
Better get some weapons or grenade so if I see anything

I don't think weapons or grenades are going to help you if a "ghost" attacks you there bud.

Get some garlic and string. Maybe a cross if you're Christian and good luck with that

edit: spelling

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 08:46 PM
This may sound far fetched but on many occasions I have felt like i was falling whilst laying on my bed. It was quite odd, and I tried to scream but all the wind was pushed out of me, the most recent occurance was about three nights ago. Also on some occasions I see a little girl in a stained white dress in my hallways, even weirder is that one night when I was 12 I felt smothered in my bed, and I could not move. Then what looked like my Great Grandmother came out of my closet, and kissed me on my forehead. The strangest part of it all is that she died that night
. But during the expierence I felt paralyzed. I could not move, or breathe, but I could still see her. Those expierences only happened in my bedroom, and no where else. The little girl however follows me. I have seen her in mirrors, and in other places. she has not tried to harm me,(at least i think that she hasn't).

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 12:47 AM
dude these stories are starting to scare me man
Hawaii boy why did you post those pictures??! im going to have nightmares now lol
and that white girl in the hallways is really creepy..
but yeah i have had sleep paralysis too i could not move... then something kept on shaking the bed and then it shaked my legs it was so horrible.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 12:59 AM
You know,.. it could be aliens. anyways this is another story.

Sleep Paralysis Episode

I have had sleep paralysis on and off since puberty. It comes in waves, which I read is normal. I'll go through a phase there I will get it a lot, and then for months nothing. I'm currently, in one of those off cycles, it's been around a year since my last episode.

However, reading the Serpo thread reminded me of a very strong episode I had one of the last days I was in still in college. I was house dad at my fraternity. I was a graduating senior that was an "administrator" of our house. I was not on our governing board, but rather a leason for the alumni that actually own the house. I fix things that are broken, collect rent, evict people, etc.

At any rate, one night I had this dream that I was in our chapter hall talking with my buddy's girlfriend. Then, all the sudden, the room fills with smoke/fog, and it gets really dark. The ceiling disappears and a beam of light shines down on us. We grab hold of each other, not sure what to do. Then, we can feel ourselves being lifted up into the air. My buddies girlfriend says, "What's happening?" I reply, "I think we're being abducted." Then I "wake up."

I woke up, lying on my back, knowing instantly it was a dream. I could tell it was daytime, but I couldn't move. I tried to hollar, but not much of a moan came out. I could feel a "presence" over my right shoulder. Again, since I couldn't move I couldn't turn to look at this "presence." I felt very scared. My bed was a loft, and I only had about 3 feet or so between the bed and the ceiling. So if someone was there, they'd have to be standing on something about 4 feet tall or so.

I tried to move but couldn't. Then, I head a voice say to me, "It's all real," and I felt the presence go away. Almost immediatly, I could feel the paralysis slow and my body could move.

That was one of only two times I heard a voice. At the time this took place I had not yet discovered what sleep paralysis was. I knew I hadn't really been "abducted" or anything, and figured it was my unconscious mind trying to make sense of the inbetween state my body was in, so it filled it with a voice saying something.

At any rate, it was also the only dream/paralysis thing I remember. Every other episode had me just waking up, with no knowledge of what I was dreaming about. I think in this case, since I heard the voice say something to me, as if to suggest I pay attention to something I would normally shrug off (like a true abduction), it forced me to remember what I was dreaming about. I hope that makes sense. In other words, had I not "heard" a voice I wouldn't have remember what I had been dreaming of in this case either.

Has anyone else heard voices in their paralysis? I've read this can be common for many people, but it hasn't really been for me. I always wake up on my back, except for once (which was the other time I heard a voice or sound). On that occasion I was laying on my right side. When I wake on my back, I used to try and scream, but couldn't get much out other than a muffled moan.

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