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Do Americans Want Laws Like This?

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 10:18 PM
Senate Judiciary Committee passed another law last night. Just what is it? Its blanket amnesty for everyone here illegally that is what it is. Now all illegal aliens will be then is given a fast track to U.S. citizenship. Then of course, United States laws will allow their family members to join as well.


You know what that means! That could give us 20 to 30 million additional people most of whom will be below the poverty level in the next several years. Keep in mind this does not include the additional 1 to 3 million individuals each year that will continue to keep entering illegally through our already weak borders.

OK hold on it does not get better it gets worse; the bill also proposes a massive new guest worker program. Then of course, each new guest workers also will be allowed to live here permanently. Each year 400,000 new guest workers will be welcomed and as they move to citizenship, they too can bring can their families. Now isn't that just grand, if there are just three average per family the U.S., gets another 1.2 million more people a year instead of 400,000. See how the government manipulates figures, they tell you one number when in reality it is three times what they state. Kindly note I was conservative when I stated 3 per family. I actually think it would be closer to four or five per family total.

Wait it gets worse yet, the bill also proposes an unlimited guest worker program for agricultural jobs. If you work here just part of every two years, they too can stay permanently. In addition, yes we will welcome their families as well.

The number of illegal workers in this country is too large for me to count but I assure you none of us will recognize our country if this bill passes.

OK, who benefits. Americans will be paying for their educational and medical expenses also we Americans will be paying for the social services that are associated with the legally poor. You know what that means don't you? Higher taxes of course, because Americans will have to pay those expenses.

Economist Robert Samuelson stated earlier this month that all we will be doing is importing more poverty. Do you really want that? I know I do not.

If this bill passes the corporations, will get just what they want, millions of cheap workers with no responsibility for any of them! Our Senators must reject this bill and any other like it.

A recent Newsweek Poll asked the following
Should the United States restrict immigration? * 174514 responses

Yes 80%

No 18%

I don't know 3%

The poll alone has to tell you something 80% of Americans want to restrict immigration, why can't our senators listen to us?

It is time to speak out! So get out your pens and papers and write your Senators before it is too late. Keep in mind Easter break is also coming up so they will be in your area and you might consider calling their local office as well.

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 10:58 PM
Neo-nazi will have jobs in the next weeks...

I hope that all the future protest will be peaceful and that it will not turn like in France, but in worst (we are in america after all).

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 03:37 PM
Already covered here:

Immigration laws to start civil war?

Please contribute your content there

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