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I am sick and tired of sheeple!

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posted on Apr, 2 2006 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by whitelightwolf
That's right...I have really had it with "dis believers" People who do not believe in Ghosts, in God, in demons, in reptilians PISS ME OFF, because with the years of research that I have done with UFOs, aliens, and then I started to branch out and figure out the other things...

It's not a matter of disbelievers, it's anti-believers that want to make you not-believe, if they can't they'll discredit your and try to make you look foolish or crazy. You've done your research, you're arguements hold-up. But still, for some reason they are against it??

I know what you are saying, I have an excellent theory, that is very controversial, no one seems to want to address it, those that do, are usually hard pressed against it. That reason is because it valided something the already knew to be inheretly wrong and evil, but didn't want to admit it.

For those anti-believers, try to figured out why they are some admittly against it.

It usually has to deal with work...
Example would be UFOs.. maybe they work at some government office that handles Freedom of Information Act requests and is tried of making thousands of copies of 60-10 year old documents that have to deal with UFOs and Area 51.

Another would be Ghosts; If they work as a tour guide may get 50-60 haunted related questions a day...

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