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The Towering Infernal movie, Naudet Bros and 911?

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 07:56 PM
Look what I found when I did some searching regards that old classic disaster move called 'The Towering Inferno.' Geez I didn't know that it was that old, 1964 ahem..

Check out these links and read.. some interesting comments and parallels I think which leads me increasingly to believe that The World Trade Center was designed from inception for 911 Occult sacrifice.

Wikipedia on The Towering Inferno

The movie was released a year after the two World Trade Center skyscrapers—at that time, the newest, tallest buildings in the world—were opened in New York City. Both novels upon which this movie was based were inspired by the construction of the World Trade Center towers and concerns over what would happen if a fire broke out in a large tower.

NYC Firefighters documentary??

After the South Tower is hit Gedeon works with phenomenal precision and speed. Having just videotaped the South Tower hit at 9:03 a.m., he manages to videotape an array of people who are not in shock from the incident. For example, a pair of Oriental men look into the camera and state that they saw a plane strike the South Tower. New setup, and a grinning Jamaican-looking Black man tells an Indian man and a white man that he saw a plane strike the South Tower. The Jamaican's claim of a plane striking the South Tower is supported by a particularly tough-looking Black man standing next to him. Neither of these two guys is concerned about the loss of life just minutes before. Seconds later, we hear the Indian man claim to have knowledge of what elevators are out in one of the Towers. Where did he get his information so quickly?

The second link is particularily interesting as at the Time of 911, the Naudet brothers were filming a documentary in NYC on the city's fire department. In this article the tragedy is compared to the movie the Towering Inferno. More concerning is the obvious question: did the Naudet's know about 911 and were they really there to do a documentary on the occult sacrifice for the brotherhood? The writer of the article suggests this.

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