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Pill May Reduce Hearing Loss From Noise

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posted on Oct, 11 2003 @ 03:02 PM
From a conspiracy perspective I find this interesteing:

"Earplugs and specialized sound-deadening earmuffs are clearly helpful, but they're not always enough. Some sounds overwhelm them. Some people don't wear them when they should, and other people are unusually susceptible to hearing damage. And some sound levels can damage hearing by going through the skull, no matter what's protecting the ears. "

So if the US wanted to take out the population they'd emit sound that damages hearing by going through the skull, from HAARP (or just a big ass airplane with a megaphone). With a deaf population we couldn't coordinate (or very slowly) and just automate a bombing campagin based on infrared signatures.

Uh... anway, some snippets:

"Starting in a few months, a group of 600 Marines at Camp Pendleton in California will face rifle training with not only foam plugs in their ears, but also a drink that tastes very much like Wild Berry Zinger herbal tea.

They'll take it with every meal during their two weeks of the noisy training, an experience that normally erodes a bit of hearing ability from about 10 percent of trainees. And if all goes as hoped, hearing tests will show that a substance dissolved in the drink made a difference."


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