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Are we in a media matrix?

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 10:32 AM
I am a fairly new member to ATS but have surfed the boards for sometime what intrigues me is the fact that many users seem to be entwined in a particular 'media matrix', where the source material or 'facts' are actually just from a website and have little or no credibility at all. Say if i made a website and wrote afew 'facts' i am sure someone would take this and supply it on here and others would believe it, a type of chinese whisper.

At the end of the day the media is a business, there to make money. Alot of it is a big story book and not the truth just an interesting version of that source material. Every story is biased in someway or another.

What I would like to know or question is if the media is actually there to attempt to tell the truth or is just a spin off and is actually told what to do in the benefit of making money. Is the media actually in control of the Government? a human wrecking ball as such able to control and influence the media.. surely the Government would'nt allow such a destrucive force able to reach millions just to swing around loosely raising and destroying particular policies actions?? This just doesn't ring true to me, surely the information or the media is actually run by the Government yet percieved to be 'neutral'?? Many people just rely on the news to be fact and are primary users of media as a whole.

SO why control the news? Well many families on a day to day basis will watch the news or read papers, if this information is incorrect and is generally propoganda material that everyone believes to be the truth (Josef Gobbels' dream) you have a nation all burning on an artificial story and thus building up support for untrue circumstances. For days after 9/11 the media reported on the attrocities and general support for invading Afghanistan was high.. a certain case of old men starting wars and young men dying. Are we all brain washed to a certain degree or are we all seeing sence and sctually opening our eyes? Questioning the Iraq war etc? Or is the media basically feeding off people's views to see a 'good' story??
Makes me wonder how alot of these facts can't be classed as facts at all.. and all this googling for information surely can't be the best source of proving a point??

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 02:11 AM
I find the phrase intriguing. Its weak to say the world controls us but I sometimes feel that strength is a bit ideal. Personal responsibility is dying and we need it to fight the machine. The factions build their socioideaological machines to gather the bulk of the human harvest to their side. Power matters and its a difficult task for small individuals to convince others to be stong and then gather enough of the strong to together be powerful. They must not fight amongst themselves and many are needed to equal the power of those who have already over long years built their own machines. The Oligarchy is made up of the most powerful, whose numbers I do not know, but they are forced to deal with each other only by having equally powerful machines..when one or many seeks to build a new machine, one or several of the oligarchy may assert the power they already possess to block the new machine and so the internet and such..which might be a great assett to those wanting to build a new machine, becomes a liability since the already built machines can monitoring the building of the new machine and strike before its complete.
The point being lest I ramble, that there are dynamics at work and a masterful strategy will be required to at least enter the competition for the fate of earth. There is not one conspiracy, there are many..many machines each with thieir own resources and goals..they sit at the table of ultimate power and keep each other from taking over the world..and also keep new competitors from entering the fray...but lo! its possible someone has long ago built a machine that is at that table fighting for us even now for we are not the first to feel this way and all that is found on this site is as old as time though some less developed in the past perhaps..Have faith! and think hard just in case

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 03:11 AM
Unfortunately yes, you are correct. The media has the ultimate say in what the general populous knows as fact.

You hit it on the head there : The media is there simply to make a profit. It could care less if the facts were right... so long as at the end of the day, the money still comes in.

If the government is the highest bidder, or the one with the fingers on the money artery ready to stop it... then its the government the media will broadcast for.

Sad but true.

And that is no conspiracy... thats common knowlege. It doesnt take half a brain to realise the media spews alot of bull**** out along with a few morsels of fact.

If you want accurate news... a good decision is to get your news translated from neutral countries. Places which dont have an agenda in regards to your country at that time.

Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan... these are a few neutral countries to the americans at the moment. We dont care what happens to you, so were not going to bother lying, were not going to go in depth about you, but were not going to have a reason to lie.


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