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Animals sensitive to impending danger?

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 03:38 PM
My dog, whose name is Yeti (Collie mix, white), is whining and running about the room, and trying to climb into my lap. Should I be concerned by something like this?

I know about animals' sensitivity to these things, so I was curious about your input, what with the 'OMG Teh apoklyps r cumin' threads abounding.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 03:46 PM
I think its do to animal sixth senses like the ablility to sense magentic fields. These arent fantasy they have been proven and many animals use them to navigate great distances.

The earths magentic field can change during earthquakes, I personally think they are sensing a change before hand and thats how they know. Even us humans have this magnetic material in our brains like animals do but its such a small amount its no longer useful to us.

But animals can act funny for any number of reasons they could be hearing or smelling a passing dog or animal that you cant hear or smell and be responding to that so its really had to tell.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by Loki
My whining and running about the room, and trying to climb into my lap. Should I be concerned by something like this?

Your dog wants to go to the bathroom...let her out.


posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:12 PM
"These clouds have been devastating to my pets in the past. Claiming the lives of two cats through the nervousness they impart. Claiming the lives of two dogs they brought to fight each other and the other 9 dogs I still have."

to read the rest of this post I just minutes ago posted, go to.......

blessed are the animals

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 06:44 PM
If there was a sudden storm that was going to crop up, we could tell by our horses, pigs, dogs and the horseflys on the farm. The horses, pigs and dogs would all act nervous and start to tear up pens and heat lamps, and the horseflys would bite the crap out of us.

My vote is, yes, animals do have a 6th sense for danger in those ways.


posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 09:23 PM
As my dog gets older, she is less tolerant of approaching storms.
She can get antsy up to a few hours before the storm hits. It's very weird.
Basically, I trust her behavior more than the weather man.

You don't say whether your dog's behavior is weather-related though.
I think animals are also more attuned to spirits.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:44 PM
Just was telling my Son, and everyone about my dog Heidi, she never acts like this, but really strange stuff the past 5 days! I live in MA.
It happens a lot at night, but day time too! She is like totally confused when i call her to go outside, I have open floor plan to the house, and she will be almost to the door, then turns back to the living room then goes the opposite way to another hall way, then comes to the door. Then once there, hesitates and slowly approaches the door to peek out, and then runs like heck into the gate area. Once there barks like a strange howling and paces and not her usual self.
Then when its time to come in I open the gate and she would usually prance right behind me, all excited for her cookie, nope she sneaks to the opening to the gate, peeks out looks to the right where my deck is gives a few howls and runs like heck back into the gate, never did she do this! And she keeps doing this 3 or 4 times until I get fed up and yell ENOUGH!
COME! lol Driving me nuts, at first I thought maybe a animal that scared her? But my neighbors & also people I know in the next town over & other towns too saying their dogs acting all weird too. Normally you hear them bark like mine, but all the dogs doing this strange howling... Maybe because of the Eclipse thats coming, even though were not going to see it?
Or maybe a earthquake coming? I know NJ, NY states near me have had them not that long ago, but was only registered at around a 2.3!
All I know, whatever it is I hope it passes, and yes I had the vet check her, she came through A ok!

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:49 PM
There were alot of dead people after the tsunami, I never saw any dead animals. Even witness's that lived said all of the wildlife had fled preious to the massive wall of water came ashore. Nobody thought to follow I guess, when my dog acts up I pay attention!!!

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 09:37 PM
Loki, is your dog still acting strange? Mine is, still haven't found out what's what!
On another thread, one posted their animal was acting strange because little did they know, their were racoons in the wall lol Hopefully it's the same with our pets, and not because of some disaster soon to strike!

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 01:39 AM
GIve it some food? Maybe somethings wrong with it?
Let it go to the toilet?

I doubt its anything else

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 07:43 AM

She is like totally confused when i call her to go outside, I have open floor plan to the house, and she will be almost to the door, then turns back to the living room then goes the opposite way to another hall way, then comes to the door. Then once there, hesitates and slowly approaches the door to peek out, and then runs like heck into the gate area.

OMG, I am so glad someone else is experiencing this. Sorry that you are but my dogs are doing the same thing. It's been about 4 days now.

Usually I could blame it on a storm especially with my little dog because she freaks out whenever a storm is approaching. But my older and bigger dog is a big lazy couch potato and nothing fazes her.

About 4 nights ago they both started acting strange. My bigger dog was sniffing the air in the house and then would whine. I thought it was another dog or animal but this just seemed different to me. I tend to pay close attention when they act unusual. I let them outside and they both went and I thought that it was just something they smelled, but my bigger dog started to scratch at the door and when I went to let her in she just whined and kept pacing back and forth.

I began to think she wanted us out of the house. I thought maybe she smelled something inside that we couldn't and was warning us but eventually she settled down.
That was 4 night ago and both she and my smaller dog are still very nervous acting. I don't know why and it's very strange for them to do this.

It seems to happen at night mostly and I wonder if it's something they can sense that's impending.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:46 AM
None of my animals are acting strangely, though, they do act up before a storm. I don't even ride my mare when it is blowing in a storm as she is so up, she is almost scary to ride. My dogs start acting nervous and demanding to either sit by me or come in from outside

So yes, dogs use their senses and listen to them. Though, my dogs are sacked out happily right now. Tough life

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 09:46 AM
Animals are much more attuned to all sorts of anomalies in the biosphere; both natural and supernatural.

If you feel your animals are acting strange and need confirmation; call or email your local ZOO or animal shelter and ask an attendant how the animals in their charge are acting. Also veterinarians.

And for local info; call your animal owning friends and neighbors.

Aquarium fish also can predict high strangness by unusual swimming patterns. Gold fish tend to hang on the bottom their tank when a storm approaches and Koi have been known to jump out of their pond before an earthquake.

It's prudent to pay attention to our feathered, finned and furry friends.

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posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 11:38 AM

Originally posted by imbalanced
There were alot of dead people after the tsunami, I never saw any dead animals. Even witness's that lived said all of the wildlife had fled preious to the massive wall of water came ashore. Nobody thought to follow I guess, when my dog acts up I pay attention!!!

I thought of this same thing. I read that birds and other animals ran for higher ground and even penned animals such as elephants broke out, or at least attempted to do so in order to escape. Animals definitely have some extra sense, and sometimes I wonder why we as humans are supposed to be of "higher intelligence". I think that's funny considering we are so "out of tune" with nature as far as things like that go. Anyway.. you better believe that if I ever see a stampede of animals getting the hell out of dodge, I'm gonna' follow them.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 01:40 PM

Anyway.. you better believe that if I ever see a stampede of animals getting the hell out of dodge, I'm gonna' follow them.

You bet, that's why I have been following my dog around for the last few days of her acting strange. I'm trying to pick up any clue she can give me to know if I need to get the hell out of dodge myself.

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 02:03 PM
Dogs and cats are intuitive, but so are we if we don't shrug away our feelings. I have learned to stick by my gut and not be persuaded otherwise. My huband gets ill with me sometimes when I say "watch that person, they are not as nice as they seem". After 14 years, he has learned to give my warnings a little creedence.

My whippet is rather reserved. When she goes up to someone and wags her tail, licks them in the face, that is a pretty good determination of a decent person. Weirdest thing I have seen with her, was when the vet was out to do shots on the horses and she saw him, ran up to him put her paws around his neck and just licked his face clean. Unheard of. My mare liked him an awful lot too. He is our vet for good now.

There is a storm front moving in. My old dog will want to be in and sitting with us and the whippet will start to shake. They feel the pressure drop

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 07:53 PM
DDay, hmmmmmm I started thinking with your problem, just to give me peace of mind, I need to ask you this. You don't have Gas Heat do you? Check for Carbon Monoxide Leak.... Even if you have an Oil Furnace, make sure all is ok with the furnace on that too. If anything there is working correctly, their could be CM problem with that too. Let's hope their isn't! I only asked this, since you stated, maybe your dogs were trying to get you out of the house. Better safe than sorry on that part!
What State do you live in by the way? Just want to see if were close by, with our animals acting weird! I'm in Mass. Let me know, Thanks

posted on Mar, 31 2006 @ 08:50 PM
I raise Siberian Huskies and have been around dogs all my life. I work for the government and was doing some high frequency research a few years back. I found that dogs have VERY sensitive hearing and high radio frequencies drive them nuts. When they act up again, cover their ears and try to isolate random events.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 03:04 AM
animals do have a definate sence when it comes to natual disasters and storms. and flys do tend to bite just before a storm (anoying trait that one).

dogs and cats can also detect somehow the condition of humans even before (sometimes several hours) a human knows something is wrong. a friend of mine who is a registered nurse has told me that they are working on usein cats and dogs with people who suffer seizures. one cliant that she helped had a cat that would drop a dead mouse into her shoes before a seizure the more mice the more severe the att. it got to the point that she went to the hospital whenever a mouse or more were in her shoes. the doctor even started to ask how many mice she found, and found it a reliable source to as how severe an attack would be. apparently one time the attack was more severe than the number of mice indicated, when she went home after she found the missing mouse behind the shoe apparently the cat had missed when he dropped it.

on a more personal note for about two weeks after my car accident (from which i have been off work a year and a half), my cat kept bringing me mice. it would have been nice if he had killed them but the thing is he had never brought any mice to me before that or after. he somehow knew that i was badly injured (includeing the first day when i didn' feel the pain bad yet), and was trying to feed me them. he would bring it in and put it right in front of me then go catch another one. how is it that he seemed to know i was in trubble before i even felt more than mild pain.
also when my mother was verry sick years ago he would stay by her while she was alone dureing the day, he would only leave her when my father or i got home. at that point he was only a kitten and my mother felt comforted when he was with her.

posted on Apr, 1 2006 @ 05:22 PM
Hi drogo your post hit me like a ton of bricks, I think I know what is wrong with Heidi. Why it didn't dawn on me before this I don't know . Anyhow my Mom is very ill, she is 83, and everyday it's touch & go, with Congestive Heart Failure, she has been in and out of a hospital all year. Well 2 1/2 weeks ago in the hospital again, and thought she only was going to be in her normal 2 or 3 days as to release fluid in her lungs and ankles. But after being in Emergency all night, and morning came they got her a room, I told them make sure the bed alarm is on, since she is a fiesty women and very independent when it comes to going to the bathroom, since she was very weak & dizzy make sure it's on so she doesn't fall. Well no alarm was on, Ma fell broke her hip, and to make long story short they didn't think she would survive the operation, But the Good Lord had her come through it well & strong, which amazed everyone! Praise God! Her suffering is awful though, their is a huge suit going on with the Hospital, since we have a few nurses and other patients saying she was on the floor for about 45min. passed out etc nurses spoke up saying alarm was off, some said on! I think you get the picture, Ma has been transferred to a Rehabiltation Clinic / Nursing Home, to get her strength up & walk again! Her Doctor there said the Hospital had her so badly drugged to keep her from even knowing what the heck was going on, probably to keep her from talking about the fall! Everyday she is getting more & more clear headed Thank God!
Anyhow she was very very close to Heidi, extremley close! And after reading your post Drogo, I thought about Mom & Heidi, and come to think of it, Heidi acted up right about the time of Mom's fall. I'm wondering if Heidi's acting up has something to do with Ma? But then why would Heidi act up a real lot, when she is outside? Oh and Heidi puts her head tilted toward the ground like she is listening to something, then she gets startled like and jumps off all fours. lol funny but not funny because I know something just isn't right! That she started today in her gated area. Along with her same old routine in & out of the gate several times, like being so darn spooked of something, while I'm trying to coax her to come in! Maybe it's everything combined, Mom & maybe her hearing the ground shake a little

Oh and someone said feed her lol She is miss piggy, she eats twice a day, the reason being she is diabetic and on special diet, yes her sugar is perfect, she gets two shots a day, I have to give her after she eats! Vet said sugar is great and so is everything else! And she gets her diet doggie cookies throughout the day - and she goes out countless times, it's not that!

Also I said I would check for any critters under the deck, all clear nothing there!
Hay I just had another idea, Heidi was blind for about 5 years, completly blind, the vet said not only did she have cataracts but she was blind all the way through and she would definitely not see again! Well Mom was losing her eyesight as well, Mom is a diabetic too. So we all prayed for Mom's eyesight real hard about 3 months ago since she lost her vision in one eye and her good one was starting to go too! So Mom said she was going to pray hard for Heidi - maybe then God would have Mercy & heal Mom's eyes, Well Mom & Heidi both had Miracles - They both had the same left eye healed which were their worse eyes- Boy it was incredible not only for Mom, but to all of a sudden look at Heidi, and see her Brown eye once again! Everyone knows how a dog looks when they are Blind, with the eye being Stone White! Real spooky, anyhow got up one day to see Heidi staring at Elmo my other dog, Elmo drops his cookie and runs to window to bark his usual annoying bark at anything & everything. Heidi runs right to His cookie and gollops it down in one bite! lol Usually she has to sniff everywhere looking to see if Elmo left anything behind! So you can just imagine how I felt when I called Heidi to me and she came right to me, and looking at me, I almost fell on the floor to see her Wonderful Beautiful Brown Eye Again, I was totally amazed! Not that I haven't seen God do miracles, because I have seen plenty! You name it I've seen God do!
So that Day, I ran Heidi to the vet, and the vet was in Awe, she said she never seen anything like this, Catracts like her's was, just don't fall off, & besides her blindness was deep within past the Cataracts like I said!
Mom had received her healing the same day as well & the same eye!

So the reason I mentioned all this, do you think now that Heidi can see again, that also could be a factor of her sensing so many things? One would think though, that when she was totally blind before, that her other senses would have been more so then, I'm sure they were! Were all praying for Mom's & Heidi's other eyes now! We all think God healed one eye first, so people who see Heidi & Mom, can see yes she was blind & now they can see!

So because their are & were so linked togther in more ways than one, maybe she is sensing a lot of Ma's sufferings???
By the Way Mom's name is Alice, if you all could please pray! I know this is about Animals but I know how caring you all are, and I'm sure many will pray for MA & Heidi together, Thank You! She is the most loving caring person and giving her whole life, I pray God's Rich Mercy on Her & Heidi and for all your Animals & Mom's out there too who need prayers! Sorry for the lengthy post! And Thank You all from the Bottom of My Heart!


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