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POLITICS: Andrew Card, Bush's Chief-of-Staff, Resigns After 5 1/2 Years

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 07:46 AM
Andrew Card, the President's chief-of-staff, has announced his retirement effective April 14th. Card served in the position since Bush became president, making him one of the longest-serving chieves-of-staff in presidential history. He will be replaced by current budget director Joshua Bolten.
WASHINGTON -- White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten, an administration official said Tuesday.

President Bush was expected to announce the shake up during a meeting with reporters with reporters later Tuesday morning in the Oval Office of the White House.

The move comes amid a sharp decline in Bush's approval ratings and calls from Republicans for the president to bring in new aides with fresh ideas and new energy.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Hopefully this signals the beginning of a major shakeup at the White House. It's obvious from the latest debacles such as the DPW deal that the current group has become tired and off their game.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 09:24 AM
I can only hope that you are right about this being a sign of something bigger. I have to assume, though, that he was not overtly forced to resign, before reading anything else about the issue. Stresses at that high of a level in the government are immense, and it wears on you. It is likely he resigned on his own. He is, after all, almost 60 years old.
Joshue Bolton is no relation to the UN diplomat, I hope?

"The White House can still be run effectively if both wings were lost"

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 07:44 PM
Best comments I've seen so far:

— Bolten and Rove, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, which is to say, they get along very well.

— Not even a hint of a change in policy direction.

— Stay tuned for more speculation from the "Bush caved" crowd sitting around tonight at the _____*name your favorite watering hole*_____

— President Bush and Andy Card could not care less what the "Bush caved" crowd thinks.

— Some high-profile errors notwithstanding, Card quietly solved hundreds of problems a day that no one ever saw. He will be missed on that level.

— But he will also be missed because he is without question one of the most beloved people to ever run a White House, thought of by his staff as one of the most selfless, kind-hearted and hard-working people in politics and government.


— Who gets OMB?


Like Karen Hughes leaving a few years back, he may be taking a sabatical. Like a moth to the fire.


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