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India connection to origin of Judaism?

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posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 06:46 AM

All praise the Sun and Moon God and Goddess!!!

Ah, The lie................that blinds the whole world.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 08:39 AM
I wont even dignify the whole "Allah is the moon god" bit, it's been explained to death before, but I'd like to mention that Persians did not come from Ishmael. They probably came from the east (Aryans??). The only connection between them and the abrahamic religions is that they mostly follow Islam.

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posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 10:32 AM
Thanks for your post. It has been awhile since I have checked back on this board so today I saw your post.

One of the intresting facets of scholarship is that very often volumes of texts on a certain position constitutes absolute proof of a thing or concept. This can be very misleading to those who cannot think outside of what passes for academia. Volumes and volumes of texts are not proof.

First off..the God of the Hebrews or the Hebrew God did not tell the others to distance themselves from the others. The Hebrew God told the Hebrew people to distance themselves from the nations surrounding them and the customs and traditions of the nations surrounding them. That they were a seperate people. I think the term more often used is a "peculear people."
This was for the purposes that these Hebrews would not mix leven with unleven. New wine with olde. The Hebrews were in the manner of their dress, the way they prepared thier foods, gleaned thier fields and other ways to live thier lives differently than other nations which surrounded them. This was for the pupose of showing that these peoples were not like the nations or religions surrounding them hence they worshipped a different God. Simple ..isnt it??

THe technique of this world and the gods of this world is to privily hijack the other religions by infiltrating and substituting doctrine and practice ..without being seen and those they are trying to overtake ...and hence changing the belief system to that of this world..which is " all gods are the same god." This is not a new or novel concept. IT is very ancient. The word for this is counterfitting. A counterfit does not look the opposite of the thing it is trying to replace or steal/hijack but as close to the thing it intends to substitute as possible. This is known information. Volumes and volumes of documentation/text are not needed to understand this concept.

As a example of how this "Hijacking " or substituting use the example of Orthadoxy and Catholicism as a great Schism. Standard textbook formats have all of Christianity under the orthadox or Catholic umbrella. This merely by the volumes of "documentation " on this subject. Intresting to me that in Time Magazine under Christianity you often see only and or mostly articles on the Roman Catholic church giving the uninformed or unknowlegable the impression that Rome represents all of Chrisitanity by default. This is also called the Placebo effect..keep people debating over two or more wrong choices so that they never really understand the missing choice or the choice you dont want them to know.
By the way..this Placebo Effect is used quite often in modern religion where all religions are the same religion...also called politics. Yes ..todays politics are quite panthiestic and pagan. More and more people are begining to realize this about politics. This meaning that todays politics are pagan ..occult hidden ..esoteric..panthiestic. The product is not as advertised. Its quite simple really. You dont need volumes and volumes of text/documentation to realize this.

What is not known by most is that there were always independent churchs and believers who did not affiliate with either Rome or Constantnople. You will find this trail of believers in John Foxxe and his "Book of Martyrs."
It should be obvious to you that these independent churchs think that both Rome and Constantnople are wrong and choose to seperate from them both in the similar pattern as was instructed to the Hebrews of olde. These churchs and believers are still here today.

As to the phrase "the lie that binds the world." Black and White..this is a new phrase to me and I am unfamiliar with it so I would be unqualified to comment on this.

OH..about panthieism and paganism ...this type of belief system. What is known by volumes and volumes of books on the that paganism and panthiesm type religions are the dominant religions in this world and have a pedigree which goes way back in history. These belief systems go back as far if not farther than the Hebrew religion and particularly farther than the Christian religion.
The intresting thing avoided by volumes and volumes of text on this topic is that for all thier ancient these nations practicing these systems of worship...the ordinary peon always lived in these nations at a substance level or lower. A few people had a little..the priesthoods and the royalty ,and the rest had almost nothing. This was standard anywhere you went in this world...

Historically whenever men turn to panthiesm..nature conquers men...not the other way round where men use stewardship over nature to better their plight. This too is avoided in historical textbooks on this subject for the purposes of making all gods the same god...or from the same origins. Nothing could be further from the truth. What you see in these pagan/panthiestic nations is the fingerprint of huge edifices, builidings, sculptures to the glory of certain men,priesthoods, and gods and the ordinary peon having almost nothing.

Paganism ..the same thing. Panthiesm is just a variation of paganism. Same problem. Yet the fashion of "reasonable logical men" is to have all the worlds religions the same religion from the same origin. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Historically ..where ever you saw paganism or panthiesm..most people lived at a substance level or lower. This is not in the textbooks as to the reason for this. These gods are obviously not the same god or from the same origins.

What you do see ..and this too is avoided in most books on the subject that anywhere in the world progress was made to raise the plight of these peoples in these nations came from one of these nations where they did not believe all gods are the same god. Nations with basic Judeo/Christian belief systems.

As to books...and first journey into this manner of thinking came with the exposure to a very diffucult to find book by a man named Albert Pike. This book was titled "Morals and Dogma". It took me quite awhile to read through this book before I realized what I was reading. Most peoples will be very hard pressed to find even a copy of this work. Mine has a intresting inscription on the inside leaf.

" For esoetric use only. To be reuturned upon the death of the recipient"

One more thing Black and White...about the phrase at the bottom of your post. I am going to disagree..

It is not the search that is important .it is the meaning of what you learn in the search. Another way of putting it what is important is what you learn through what is revealed to you in the search. It may not be your search at all.

Thanks for your post,

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