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Nukes for me and nukes for you.... thanks, Minuteman.

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:09 AM
The U.S. Government is still making weapons of mass destruction yet attacks others for even considering it as a power source.

Yet more and more advancments in their own WMD's continue to stock pile.

the Bush administration hopes to have the Los Alamos National
Laboratory in New Mexico producing 30 to 40 new plutonium cores annually by 2012.

On February 21 U.S. and British government scientists performed an underground nuclear experiment, short of a nuclear blast, at the Nevada Test Site. The material tested was specially processed nuclear plutonium. The test was designed to examine the effects of the explosion on the plutonium.

New plutonium cores

They even continue the research of bombs to blast a nuclear reaction deep into the earth so as to over come the problem of 'terrorists hiding in moutain' senario's.

There is no way a rebellious third world country will take orders from a country contradicting themselves in such a manner as this. They attempt to tell Iran not to investigate nuclear technology while they continue research into The Minuteman nuclear program designed with the intention of establishing a hold on the world with weapons that could pottentially strike a target 1000miles away in a matter of seconds.

Hypersonic Scramjets

The conversion of nuclear weapons into conventional systems is considered to be only the beginning of a new series of missiles that can reach targets up to 1,000 miles away within seconds. Both the Navy and the Air Force are also working on new high-speed cruise missiles, or hypersonic missiles.
Super Missiles

The British America Security appear to be taking the right steps by pointing out what's wrong with the situation,

We strongly agree that the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran or any other existing non-nuclear weapon state would be destabilizing and dangerous and must be avoided. However in our judgement the current strategy of the EU and the United States is unlikely to achieve this important objective. We offer the following guidance on how to achieve the desired outcome.
British America Security Council

but they are just the government anyway. blindsided you are.
the government makes a situation for everyone to watch while they do what ever the hell the want!

When will we take and stand....

.....................................................and how?

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 06:40 AM
The new cores are being built because as our weapons age, the cores in them degrade and are more likely to fizzle, or not work at all. The weapons weren't made to sit for 30+ years, and if we let them degrade and become the only kid on the block without nukes in the arsenal, that could be a Bad Idea.

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