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Do Greys abduct for a reason ? do they target particular Humans ??

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:25 PM
From what Ive read
Aliens prefer the Irish folks and people with allergies to novacaine, procaine,any of the "caine" family. Dont ask me why, I dont have a clue.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by grasshopper
In my opinion there is some truth to those opinions. The spirits that reside within your enemies will come out and fight with you themselves and they will try to destroy all your "psychic" powers. This is a big part of the abduction experience. It is a spiritual warfare going on.

I tend to agree with you there. For me the abduction experience has indeed been principally about spiritual warfare. Even to the point that the 'warfare' was almost staged if you on one or one on multiple attackers...pushing you to fight and exhaust what energy you have in a spiritual battle of sorts. Perhaps that was the cause you to exhaust yourself, to tire you and perhaps even break you down. Or to maybe just disbalance your inner being - your inner connection/peace with whatever you wish to term your higher some form of psychological warfare...pushing you to internalise and personalise the cause you to become overly involved...and thus easier to manipulate and/or defeat.

I lost many of my abilities as a result of my abduction. When you become too strong you become in their eyes a Samson that needs to be weakened. By the time you regain your powers again you will have more wisdom about when to use them and who your real enemies are. It may be your own people who did it to you. Sometimes I think I'm getting it back again.

I have some thoughts on that...and perhaps the way I'd word it is not much different that you may see it either - will soon see: I kinda think that we cannot 'lose' any 'ability' per say...for they aren't our abilities to lose. We are merely the one who - for want of a better way of describing it - are *granted* the permission to utilise if they are entrusted to us, almost like having an operational licence. However, that licence can be revoked by the gifter...and it can be revoked through our actions, how we choose to operate.

Seems there is almost a common theme amongst those who may have been granted 'licence' to do these things...they may find that revoked if they take it personally...if they do what they are allowed to do out of some ego-focus...if they seek personal kudos for what they do - or particularily personal advancement/betterment in the form of financial reward etc. I think we must always be mindful that whatever it is that is done, it is done not for our glory - but for the glory of whomever/whatever you term that higher power (I personally term that 'God'/'Good'...others term 'it' other things). We are merely the servants, the hands...and in there is the reward in itself.

The 'gifts/abilities' (again, words that are uncomfortable to use, as they too have - IMO - been corrupted over the years) must not be used for anything that is not *righteously* mandated. By that I mean they must not be used for vengence, out of anger/hate, they must not be used for our own personal do so is to colour darken them, and thus pollute which case we may well find again that 'operational licence' being revoked - or worse still, we may find that a different operational licence from 'the other side/team' is offered...which may well allow you to operate with more darker agenda, but the cost of that will likely be more than can ever be realised or afforded.

Just curious. Is this the moderater with the long hair I think named "Byrd".

hehehe...I wish...Byrd is far more intelligent that I.

I'm a short-haired male...the opposite of Byrd (Byrd's female


posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 09:44 PM
Alien you are a rare entity here but wisely spoken. I must create more than a line to gain
Hope to hear from your apparent wisdom.
You have have hidden yourself, you say, hideing is but away to contain energy?

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