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I think..the world is going wrong.

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Democracy in many country has the problem when the leader become Insane clearly like
USA(G.Bush),Philippines(Arroyo),Ecuador(A. Palacio),Belarus(A.Lukashenko),Thailand(Thaksin)

I live in Thailand as PM.Thaksin the most richest man in controls the media(except newspaper and internet),prepared the working class group who mostly not educated to against hundred-thousand protester,tells a lie on TV almost everyday,sold out the state enterprises,intruded The King with speech,made the anti-drug war that killed three thousand people in one year for his policy,didn't take responsibility to Takbai violence,set the buddhist website for support him,dissolved the parliament to avoid debate,edited commercial law to avoid tax and take huge advantage for his family,neglect and disability to solve south problem,issued illegal royal decree,sold Thaicom satellite's shares that included concession to Singapore Temasek, and consider as insane.I heard the rumor about he's trying to overthrow Chakree Dynasty too.
Astonish.. TV channels never reveal the fact about that!.

IMO he's the most crazy tyrant in Thailand history since October14 and June6.

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