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on the subject of money

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 11:55 PM
Im sure someone has said this before but moneyis kind of stupid.

We know we are running out of money when we cant even find money for kids in CA to have for school. That one killed me. Can someone tell me if people still had to pay there elct. bills. Just a joke.

I dont even see how we expect to bomb all these diffrent places and have war with no money. So say we bomb iran and the decide we are going to do the same thing we did in iraq....someone tell me what have we really done there, and oh yeah well ask congress for another 357 67 billion dollars and where is this money coming from. The world is behind us again right? I think not. How many countries can we bomb and rebuild going broke. Funny we can find money for quit easily.

We are loosing all our not really our jobs but the ones in this country. So our middle class will go away. Then what? Peole will start to move to diffrent spots here in the us only to find jobs are scarce everywhere.

So on the next terroist attack or whatever you want to call it. Gas goes up people are going broke all ready. I mean what the hell are most people going to do when gas is 350 or more. Hey im legally blind so it dosent really effect me but u understand...meaning i dont drive..

Also why is it that everything has to stop when there is no money. I guess nothing is for free. What if people went to work but just got paid at a later date when thingfs pick up.

Anyway as ive been ceeing around the board lately best of luck to you all.

One last I live in Michigan right GM was really big here anyone seen Roger and Me. Its really sad to see peopke lossing there jobs all the time. # mean 1500 jobs here 3000 jobs there, and then say you make 23 bucks an hour or so. Have 2 kids and your a sinhle parent. Then GM says there will be a pay cut down to about 10 bucks an hour. How are you supposed to maintain. I know those people should have fouind other jobs. But hell if i made 23 bucks an hour i would stay put. just sad the same thing happens all over the country. Just dont understand where all these people are suppsoed to find work. airline industry is going in the tank to. Everywhere you turn people are loosing jobs. That # makes me feel like society has been dumb down or something. Or like its laziness just dont understand where where the us is going to find people to find jobs for all these people.

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