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It's all relitive

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posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 09:03 PM
My best friend and I were once taken to visit the farm of his granfather, a Yaqui Patron. The "farm", no more than an a couple acres of beans in Northern Sonora Mexico was overseen by a young couple.

I remember their house, sitting in the middle of the dusty field, had dirt floor and measured about 10 x 10. A couple of shelves with bags of coffee, sugar and maize, a couple of tin cups and chipped plates -- The one adornment was a fancy painting of the Virgin, given by the landowner.

No table or chairs...The father, about my age, smiling proudly at this place (lord, I could of carted the whole thing off in the back of my truck). Mostly he smiled at his wife sitting on a bag of rice breast feeding their new-born daughter.

Geeze, she must of been all of 15, shy but definately proud, a woman...A place to live, land to work and new life to nurture.

I still remember these people, their generosity in offering a bowl of beans and cup of coffee (refusal is an insult). Mostly I remember their smiles. I've never seen such happy people sense.

Bare feet, calloused hands. It's not what you have but how much you appreciate it...we're all given an equal measure of life but I know some pretty unhappy wealthy folk.

I read this

I must admit that i would not be happy in there position.

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